Proudly announce

I just did a survey and got 90 points. Hope that nobody will call me a dumbass in a few months.

Wow, that's worth 9 cents in 4 months. :0

After seeing you put it this way I feel like the biggest sucker in this forum.

or 4.5 cents now. :slight_smile:

Remember in the good old days such a survey worth 735 points?

Does it mean that instant swap works?

I have no idea. I've put my money on the 9 month plan. :slight_smile:

LOL! They seem to have fixed the swiping left on the new app update. Now, I was able to complete the entries for the day, week, and some month ones as well.

As far as the instant swap, it should work. Placing the order to cash out is a different animal. I was able to do that on two accounts, but some report that an error is still received.

I am getting slim pickings in the left swipe, mostly nothing at all..

On the right swipes, there is an ad every swipe. Of course most of them have no credit, and you have to X out of the pop-up. Not doing those.

Since the update my left swipes for match the pot are doing absolutely nothing.No ads,no surveys, no anything so I sent a ticket to support. Worked fine before the latest update.

Right swipes are ads every time but few points.

I had a similar experience until I just uninstalled the entire thing and started from scratch with a new activation. I also had a reset done on the ads ID. I now get adds when moving left and was able to complete my entries. There are some 15 point ads which double up as well that are coming up (not on every swipe). Hope that helps those of you that are stuck getting nothing.

Tried all of those. Uninstalled and reinstalled app,changed Google ID and rebooted phone.I did get 2 ads on left swipes out of more attempts than I'm willing to admit. Left swiping as I'm typing,nothing.Right swiping seems about normal,ads every swipe with some points.

Well that sucks.I have been testing with our phones and they have finally stabilized (swipes are not empty) with the last version. In fact, since the update, I was practically looking at app crashes on almost every swipe and empty swipes for the most part. That said, there is hope.

Just got an email from support that a new update was released today (3.65) so I'll update again and see if it helps matters.

I did have some issues earlier this morning until I noticed the new update and applied it. I did clear the cashed data on the app.