Problem with 15-Silver ads not crediting?

Start around 11am EST todau (5/4), 15-Silver Ads stopped crediting for me (Citi, BioTrue, Libman etc). I've gone through 10+ of these with nothing.

1-5 Silver Ads are working, and a couple surveys came in that worked.

Anyone else encountering the same issue?

was ben and jerrys one of the problem ads?

Mine are crediting fine

Yes, Ben and Jerry's is one of the ones not crediting for me...kinda frustrating because I'm getting a bunch of them, but nothing is crediting...

Even Ben and Jerry's credits fine. Odd

Try reinstalling app

It seems to have resolved itself at around 1pm EST. All the credits I thought I missed came flooding in at once (like it was stored up and then decided to credit).

Not sure what happened, but it looks like my accounts are all squared away now.

Woo-hoo for you, @woo_24! :slight_smile: Glad everything credited correctly, better late than never.

Those type of ads used to be worth 30 silver.

Yes, everything changed as soon as CN allowed to buy phone. Different game now.
I remember KIIP ads gave you 30 points......, not 2 points like right now.