Problem cellnuvo

Anybody else with no service??? It's been 14 days for me. I see some have service with a Chicago area code.

I'm one of the lucky ones. I updated the PRL and profile, the other day, and have had service and LTE ever since. (Different phone number, of course.)

I have calls text and 3g only

I have 1 line that has service with a temp number, 2 lines that have a temp number but never received a balance from RP and thus don't have service, and I have 1 line that has not received a temp number and has no service. 3 of my 4 lines have been without service for 2 weeks tomorrow.

Might not matter anymore...

good thing that I'm moving to another Earth soon. Hopefully another Earth's cellnuvo would be better than this Earth's.

You don't have to move... There is another you in a parallel universe enjoying cellnuvo right now.

I emailed them for my opinion on bonus points,and asked for original number update, here is reply:

Your option has been noted.

We will advise after the weekend on status of the original phone

CellNUVO Support

CellNUVO's original plan was to have this completed after labor day with "minor service interruptions" before hand.

Maybe it's coming true, depending on what your definition of minor is.

Hopefully "minor" doesn't include loosing our original numbers permanently.

The longer this goes the less valuable my original number becomes since I have been forced to use an alternate GV number that's within my area code. I've been giving out that GV number to my contacts it may just as well become my new primary number if this is not resolved soon.

One thing I don't like about GV number is when I send text I need WiFi or Data connection otherwise the native phone # will show as the sender, not the GV number.

Asking all your contacts to exclusively use your Google Voice number is the way to go. (Not that important but Whatsapp works with GV numbers too FWIW)

There's kinda a solution...

First, log into Google Voice and configure it to forward text messages to your native cell phone. When someone sends a text message to your Google Voice number, you'll receive the text on your phone–but not from the recipient's phone number. Instead, it will be a weird number you've never seen before, with the person's name preceding the message. Add that number to your recipient's address book entry as "Other" or a custom label (like "GV SMS"). Each one of your text recipients will have a different weird number.

From there on in, if you SMS that weird number, your recipient will receive text messages from you—and it will look like they're coming from your Google Voice number. Their replies to any messages you send to that number will go back to your Google Voice number and come to you -- your recipient never sees the weird number.