Prime Day- Share your tricks

I have never bought on Amazon prime day.

What experiences have you had in the past?

What tricks or instructions do you have for a first time user? Looking for specific items.

Thanks in advance

"I only post/read on nthcircle forum"

In my honest opinion, it's a pain in the butt, and is designed to be. It's definitely not designed for you to plan ahead, comparison shop on a specific item you're looking for, grab it, and quit shopping.
It's designed to keep you on Amazon's website all day, watching, checking, hoping, and rushing to purchase, since you can't see all the upcoming deals & they're rolled out (& sold out) throughout Prime Day.

Last year, I did manage to find a way to preview several hours worth of releases in specific categories I was shopping for-- that helped, and I did make a few purchases. I don't remember exactly what that route was.

I saw that you can add to cart then you have 15 min to decide if you want it.

If you haven't, you might check out some of the threads on some of the bargain sites: One such:

Can you return item you decide you don't want?

When returning, you have to be careful. Some items are okay to return while others will cost you (not a full refund is issued).

If you have a Kohls nearby, should be able to drop off in person.

Thanks for this! (Again.... I think you had pointed it out some time ago, and I promptly forgot it.)

Hard pass from me. It's not worth being stuck to Amazon's site for a day being unable to comparison shop over time. It's designed to trigger FOMO and impulse buys and it's really effective.