Presidential Election 2024 Betting Odds

Where does the 2024 Presidential election now stand?
Well, according to "Election Betting Odds"....

BTW, My wife and I will be sending a humble donation to the one possible Presidential candidate we're really excited about (we've never donated to a Presidential candidate before).

Be sure to warn this possible President that ETTD. Otherwise, they too may be "exited" before their time.


Wowsers!---this just released ad sure makes it look like someone is serious about 2024......

Yep, as one of the commenters said:
"That sure doesn’t look like a guy who is “waiting his turn” until 2028."

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Ron DeSantis’s Book ,which just went on sale yesterday, Hits No. 1

And, as to be expected , the New York Times and Washington Post have already panned the book. (I do hope however, that they have at least read it first)

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AOC turns 35 on October 13, 2024 , which means she's eligible to run for the US Presidency in the 2024 election.

Currently her betting odds at becoming President in the next election are at .02%
Hence the odds for her are at 500 to 1. So if you now placed a bet of 1,000 dollars on her, and if she won. you'd get half a million dollars.

Seriously, I'm thinking about making such a bet---not only would I make a lot of money, but I would also be betting on "social justice"--which makes me a really good person!

But remember, all that REALLY matters is that you LOOK like "a really good person"! :wink:

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I like and respect RFK Jr. a great deal , and having just read this opinion piece, I can only say--- "would that it were"......

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