Prepaidphonenews' Phones-on-Sale-this-week post

Every Sunday, it's almost a ritual for me to check out Prepaidphonenews' phones-on-sale-this-week. It isn't out today, I wonder why.

(Funny thing is, I'm not even looking to buy a phone. I just like to see what the deals are, every week!) Curious to know if there are others here who are like me.

Yes I glance at it most weeks. Just in case there is a deal I ought not to miss!

I, too, was surprised that it didn't show up.

I looked for it several times.

It must be because of the government shutdown

Maybe he works in Congress. haha

Well, there's at least one! Hope they bring this weekly feature back sooner than later (even though I'm not in the market for a phone, either).

Good news -- Dennis, the one who usually does the weekly phone deals article, will be back soon. A quote from a comment on PPPN:
Christine Torralba-CanenciaJanuary 22, 2018 at 11:04 PM
Hi! Dennis is on a much deserved vacation and I'm taking over for a few days.

Just thinking:

I no longer even look at the Prepaidphonenews' "Phones-on-Sale-this-week" column since Dennis has left.

Wouldn't it be nice if Dennis would do his own version of Phones-on-Sale-this-week on his "prepaidcompare" site?

Same here!

Dennis always found some real bargains, including unlocked or unlockable phones under $100.

Christina's bargains are mostly $800 phones on sale for $750-- not very appealing to the people who tend to use prepaid phone services.