Predict what Trump's October surprise will be

Based on Trump calling for Barr to arrest Obama and Biden, I predict that Barr will announce that the Durham investigation is closed and that although they have evidence of wrongdoing, they do not have enough to charge crimes with the likelihood of winning.

This will be similar to when Comey announced he couldn't charge Clinton over her emails but that she had behaved badly. So he'll probably repeat some Russian disinformation of what Biden and / or his son did overseas. Giuliani has been working on this in the background.

There may be other things they do to influence the election. What do others think might happen?

Trump lost appeal AGAIN in his quest to keep prosecutors to access his tax records. Next, his lawyer will try to take it to the Supreme Court. No wonder Trump and Moscow Mitch try desperately to put in the new Supreme Court judge before he gets kicked out of the WH. Trump is just like death-row inmates, no matter how many endless appeals they make, they can't avoid the inevitable. LOL!

New York Times further reporting on Trump's taxes (they previously said there was more to come), is that Trump violated campaign finance laws with a loan to his campaign in 2016 which he did not declare.

He also claimed it as a tax deduction.

Since it was a loan, that means that Trump supporters who have been contributing since then have been repaying Trump's loan to himself including interest. So this is yet another source of how Trump made personal profit from his 2016 campaign.

I heard that two thousand invites were sent out for Trump's (Hatch Act Violating) rally at the white house.

Apparently just a hundred or so people turned up. And they were paid to turn up.

More and more leading Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump now. McConnell, Ted Cruz, McSally. At least the Taliban support him though.

There is also reporting that Trump met with aides to explore a deal where he resigns, has pending charges from the SDNY dropped, and receives a pardon from Pence.

Don the Con is too lazy and incompetent to have a legitimate October Surprise. It will just be all smoke & mirrors that he hopes his idiot followers will believe.