Post your issues, problems, gripes about CellNuvo here

Why not concentrate posting all CN Problems issues and gripes about CN here? Y'all can copy and paste relevant parts of this thread in your communications to CN . CN can lurk to it's hearts content to see what is steaming members up and possibly respond if they so choose..

I second this, please stop making new threads about beef with cellnuvo. It would be nice to have a variety of topics on this forum and not be concentrated JUST ON ISSUES/COMPLAINTS.

I am a little confused. Did you not say that you are (never) used the cellnuvo app. So why would you make this thread? Why would you care?

Thanks lexusl21. That is a good question.
When I have a problem I find it very frustrating to have to wade through many threads trying to piece together enough information to solve my problem.

Maybe we should rename the thread CellNuvo reader solutions. Or come up with any better name.(fun contest idea).

The idea would be that if you are having a problem such as an ad not crediting, you could post. Then anyone else having the same problem could simply reply something like Plus one. or ?????. This would make it simple for anyone from CellNuvo to quickly scan through one topic to find out where to devote their limited resources towards fixing the problem.
Once an issue is fixed, other users could quickly see what, if anything they need to do,such as updating an app or not bothering with a particular ad till the problem is fixed.
Also, when you email the company it would be simple to copy and paste the portion of the thread showing if many folks are having the same issue.