Possible Buried Treasure?

It has been sometime since the infamous 4Gcommunity has died, and while I am sad the prices are gone, I am glad I was able to experience it for the full year that I have known about it.

I know sometime ago, I had posted that I would be giving my old device away but then I realized I cant reset some information on the device so that was a bummer. In turn this would limit the device from being reactivated for use, or so I thought.

I did some digging into tello. For those unaware, tello has the second best valued sprint based service right now (the first being the infamous free year sprint plan). They are most notable for having a free option of unlimited 2g data after your LTE is up (so long as you purchase any size of LTE to begin with).

Very surprisingly, my retired 4Gcommunity based "NETGEAR Fuse" was deemed eligible to be started on tello. This is pretty amazing giving the current price model as follows:

200mb LTE + Unlimited 2G (slow) = $7
500mb LTE + Unlimited 2G (slow) = $8
1GB LTE + Unlimited 2G (slow) = $9
2GB LTE + Unlimited 2G (slow) = $14

Unlimited Data for 7 dollars can be very useful for someone who only needs the extreme essentials, as many have reported that Google Voice + Hangouts works nicely even on 2G. If you have not given up or thrown away your old devices, this maybe a very good deal for some. Hope this helped someone, in the long run :slight_smile:

Great pricing ,but I despise Sprint. For us the service is terrible. Being in T-Mobile is so much better for us.

I just hope they don't merge

Not sure how I feel about the merger either. We have devices on both Sprint and T Mobile, and out here on the West Coast, T Mobile service far surpasses Sprint's service! If the merger does happen this time, wonder what will happen to all those MVNO's out there offering cheap service for Sprint and T Mobile?

Well we were with sprint for a very long time. Had sprint phones and too lazy to switch. Plus we thought all carriers about the same.

Before Sprint we had Nextel. Then the merger happened. Optics said everything. You would walk into any sprint store and Nextel was in the back gathering dust. Nextel customer's treated like second class.

I see no reason to believe a tmobile merger would be any different

Hey Sovashadow! In Nov 2016 or Feb 2017, you recommended 4GCommunity to me. I really liked it while it lasted. I should really thank you, because it was one of your posts that convinced me to go with their hotspot. Thank you.