Porting out of Ting

So I completed my port out of Ting and it moved my old device into the inactive list/released.
So, bottom line, line is canceled... they do not assign a new temp # then keep your device attached.
Something to think about before porting out...

Who ever said anything about them supposedly assigning a temp number to a cancelled device? And why is this something to think about?

What are you saying? Can we keep our phones to use elsewhere? or is ting locking them?

As soon as you port out of Ting the phone becomes immediately available to use on another provider. Devices listed as inactive on a Ting account are not locked to Ting; they are free as far as Sprint is concerned. In fact there's a garbage can next to inactive devices on the Ting control panel that you can click to immediately remove it from even being listed on the account.

If you port out of ting I assume the account and wepage is gone. No more dashboard to click any trash can

The account and dashboard are still available after porting out.