Porting Out from Cellnuvo

From my reading on the forum, there have been indications here and there that phone companies must adhere to certain rules, regulations or laws when a customer wishes to port their number from one company to another. Since CellNuvo service is broken in some unknown way and porting out seems to be surrounded by question marks, I was wondering if anyone is up to speed on these porting regulations, particularly as they may or may not apply to the current and unusal CellNuvo situation. Thanks.

I think the FCC is the probably the best option for anyone who needs to port and cannot do so using the information provided by CellNUVO.

The agency has both the authority and experienced needed to address these issues.

I have now two failed port outs (TPO Mobile - Sprint and Speedtalk - T-Mobile). I think another user has indicated their Twigby port failed. I have had limited email communication with CN support. They did ask why the port failed on the first one, but I was just told it failed by Speedtalk. I have not heard back from CN yet. They did not answer my original question when I was confirming my port out details if it was possible to port out/if others had ported out since Friday. I'm going to attempt to port directly to Sprint to see if they have any more details if it fails and I feel like a port to Sprint should have the greatest chance of success since CN is (was?) a Sprint MVNO, but I'm not expecting any different outcome at this point. I do have a ATT prepaid sim on the way that I'll give on last ditch effort on porting as well once that arrives later this week. If this all fails and there is no update directly from CN, I will debate if it is of any value filing an FCC complaint.

Also, for all those who say "port to Google Voice", I have an area code that is not supported by Google Voice, which prevents that option. I must be in the minority on that one, but if I had that option, I would have a long time ago. I know I could always get a new number with Google Voice in a different area code, which will be what I do if I loose my current number.

You can always file a complaint to the FCC if all else fails, but for now we play the waiting game.

That is something I may consider:

i'd like to give the folks at cellnuvo the benefit of the doubt and say it's not their screw up, but their lack of communication is what's really killing us here. I'd hold my horses for now on the ports. they're already swamped with work at this moment.

I'm trying to balance giving them a benefit of the doubt and my need to have cell service. However each additional day of no service nor official update from Tom is pushing me into action. Additionally, CN support in their emails to me have not indicated that I should not request a port at this time or that ports would be denied. They should have said something to that effect when I contacted them earlier this week to validate my account number and 0's as pin for porting out.

I have just been able to port out of CN. I had trouble porting out for the past 3 or 4 days. I ported out to TextNow. I got their $13.99 plan that has unlimited call and text with 100mb of 3g data and unlimited 2g data.

To quote one of my favorite movies "So you're telling me there's a chance!"

Did you use your CN account number and 0000 for the PIN?

It might be that once you get to the device released stage you can port out. ?

I still think waiting is probably worthwhile for most especially if you have lots of silver. But I can certainly understand wanting to leave if you have your main number with cellnuvo.

I've tried porting out using an old device that has never been on CN, but works on the Sprint network. With the previous poster's success, I'm going to try my port out again.

I was able to port out to Tello yesterday using my account number and 0000 as the PIN. I was able to bring the phone I was using on CN as well. My first choice was a goolge voice port but you had to accept an incoming call to verify the number and obviously that was impossible. I aslo tried a Ting Port but the website said my number was unavailable to Port.

I understand the need and desire to port out. I guess I am not panicked since my main number at googlevoice.

That being said. The same people who port. Will scream if cellnuvo comes back and their account and silver is gone.

I can afford to wait this out and I am

Tpo has same plan for $7.99.


This is very good news! Thanks for posting it.

For anyone trying porting more than once (from the same #), please be sure to cancel the failed port request with the new carrier. If/when the system comes back up, there is a very good chance that multiple port requests may screw up your number very badly.
Even multiple cancelled port requests may cause problems, if communications are down with CellNuvo, or if requests are processed in sequential order when restored. The request to cancel a port is not always as effective as one might expect.

This would be a great deal but since it is a promotional deal the price goes up in 3 months. Although, I am not sure what that price will be since that plan is no longer listed as a regular plan.