Porting numbers with existing phones successes?

We have begun the porting process for our 2 main RP lines to Twigby.
Did all the preliminary steps at both places & even placed port-out tickets at RP for whatever good that may do.
Confirmation emails came in from Twigby within hours - no word from RP & lines are still active.
Glad it is only tuesday the 7th...as we may even be out of there on time to keep our 2 main lines away from the Ting disaster looming on the 11th that we have no desire to partake of...

Got confirmation from Cellnuvo today that they'll waive the $29 'sign-up fee':

Visited their site to try porting out our spare line, and after entering its infor rrom RP it says:

Then tries to upsell the user to a new phone - Boo !!!

So I wonder if others here have already gotten out of RP to places other than Ting - and how long it took from initiation to completion ??