Porting may be being processed on an account basis

I had 2 ports pending. 1 to Tello initiated on Saturday, and 1 to Ting, initiated Monday.

Both lines disappeared off my R+ dashboard at what seems to be the same time today. And then the port completed to Ting and Tello shortly after.

The Ting port resulted in an email with a link that included the exact steps to reset the phone. It even seems that the reset code was tailored for my particular phone as the Tello instructions used a different code. The phone restarted and it was working straight away.

The Tello dashboard actually said the port failed. I called up and after a short wait I was connected to a lady with a beautiful accent who apparently already had my account details up because of my caller id. Just me confirming my order number was enough for her to identify me and tell me immediately that she saw my phone was in their system and that she was "reprocessing". I got a success email immediately which included instructions to activate the phone.

I followed the instructions and a little later the phone was working. I then decided that since there is a 50% code for $10+ plans, I would buy a 100 minute, unlimited text and unlimited data plan (200MB full speed LTE), for $5 plus tax.

Low cost, processes and customer service. It can be done!

I tried to jump the queue with 2 of my lines with a cancel and re-port but only one got through. Still waiting on the other. I went with 500mb and 200 texts so no tax! $5 straight. The taxes saved can be for calling at 3c a minute. So it is really a 30 minute, 200 text, 500mb plan for $5 plus tax. I'll drop down to 200mb once the first month is over or just go payasyougo.

But you can't make calls without a top up! And all of that top up is subject to tax! And minimum top up is $5.

The tax on my plan was only on the minutes portion. 100 minutes for $1.50 + tax instead of $3.00 + tax.