Porting issues at R+

Weds evening it looks like R+ members were losing lines.

A lot of the people complaining said they had cancelled their port or it was in progress but not completed.

I had 2 lines disappear from the R+ dashboard before the port completed. But they did complete. In the past, lines stayed in the R+ dashboard for a few days after completion.

Ting said they didn't know what R+ were doing. Somebody reported that Tello said that R+ were cancelling ports to Tello.

Best advise now would seem to be don't cancel or initiate anything. Let the non amateurs at Ting take over your lines.

A data point from December when I was porting out a number from R+. After the port started, they sent me the cancellation email for no call in 60 days. The port was never completed. I think there are some people at R+ who push buttons without much thought.

It's interesting that startledmarmot finally made an appearance on Social.

He said: "we've just completed getting a new automated port-out process for this transition up and kicking. If you're account is expired that means your port out was completed and the far-end carrier is now in charge. Best of luck and thanks for being a member of RingPlus!"

It was followed by 9 pages of comments.

jamielih contradicted startledmarmot "I'd assume R+ might have the number in its custody"

Eventually, Ting came along and gave an answer that was helpful: "Moving forward if anyone is reading this post regarding their number no longer being active with RingPlus and has not ported over to Ting successfully. Can you please send us an email at help@ting.com with the subject line "Phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX has disappeared." This will help us categorize these problems and speed up the process of getting them resolved."

So much for a smooth transition. Looks like R+ did not communicate with Ting here. And the mods as usual just went around acting as if it is perfectly normal to lose the use of your cell service for no reason except R+ can't be bothered to co-ordinate with Ting.

OK, I'm pasting this comment from Social here before deletion and ban:

nancybrew: there is a special place in hell for Karl.. f v k YOU Karl and your scamming company. I lost my 20 year old number you f v k ing a $$ hole

I submitted a manual port to Ting this morning and it completed in 3 hours.

Your birthday present from Ting?

It's my birthday as well today!

The port was very quick.
Provisioning seemed to hang for a long time.
So I disabled Airplane Mode and it worked immediately.!

I wonder if all economists are born on Thursdays?
That would explain a lot.

Great to see you--really missed your posts on the RingPlus forum.

Aww thanks! It's always nice to know that I've been missed. I know a few over there who aren't missing me at all though!

I was hopeful you would show your face here though.

Are you going with Ting for the purposes of short term simplicity or does it suit your needs? I thought I saw you mention an interest in cellnuvo.

I have a strange psychology when it comes to mobile phone allotments. I have $85 in credit with Ting for a single line, but I'm feeling more comfortable with a freedompop sim in my Nexus.

I look at the Ting buckets and think my first call or text is going to cost me $3 so it puts me off using it! I'd prefer a $20 credit on Tello.

As I get older, I become less and less logical.

According to Ting, you shouldn't have done that!

It's mentioned in their migration faqs. R+'s manual porting apparently doesn't scale.

There is a absolute gem in the very same faq:


I was on the RingPlus Mondo Super Cupcake Ribeye BBQ Free Everything Forever Plan. Will you honor that?

We don't like saying no. But no. If you choose to stay with Ting, you'll pay Ting rates. No plans are being "grandfathered" and we're not adopting any elements of the RingPlus model. Not to put too fine a point on it but if it was a sustainable model, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Ting was just the "easy" thing to do. Not sure it really is a good long term fit but it gives time to think things through. I would like to try CellNUVO because it looks like "fun."

To be honest my cell phone needs are so limited it probably does not make a huge difference where I end up.

I had not seen the "advice" to avoid porting manually. In fact I am confident the mass migration will go smoothly.

"Not to put too fine a point on it but if it was a sustainable model, we wouldn't be having this conversation."

I think the Ting reps are trying very hard to be both friendly and efficient. They are clearly inexperienced on the diplomatic side and have made a number of gaffes, including the rather serious one you noted. They also have made a number of factually incorrect statements on accounting issues--more experienced reps would have simply finessed these issues. I give them high marks for effort in a difficult and stressful environment.

I was reading through Social and there were lots of people "wishing" and asking for more from Ting than had been offered. Many clearly have zero realization that for the last 18 months, R+ has been giving away something costing $30+ per month to 100,000 subscribers with little offset on the revenue side.

As you say, Ting employees are under stress right now literally rescuing numbers after R+'s recklessness. No doubt that comment made by Ting has an edge to it because of that stress. But, it is also a firm response to many refugees having unrealistic expectations and thinking that somehow other MVNOs are like R+ whereas clearly R+ was an outlier. If those refugees don't understand the Ting model, then it probably isn't the right home for them and nor would I suspect that Ting wants them.

I'm having swapping issues. I've been trying to swap devices before initiating a port to ensure the devices and sim cards are released by Ring+. So far, only 1 device swap has actually completed. 1 out of hundreds of attempts.

The swap tool has been malfunctioning for months and recently it seems to be pure luck as to whether one is able to swap or not.

My big worry was indeed the release of the MEID and ICCID.

After looking at a number of posts I got the sense the safest thing to do might be to port as a means of ensuring release.

So I tried a manual port to Ting and it worked in a few hours--maybe just good luck.