Ported from Xfinity to Visible but my area code changed during the process!

I recently ported from Xfinity (Verizon) to Visible (Verizon) and shortly after I noticed my area code changed from (609) to (856).
My telephone number remained the same other than the area code change.

True my area underwent the area code change from (609) to (856) about 15 years ago but Xfinity just issued this (609) number to me 18 months ago.

I only ported the number since I wasn't getting any robo calls.
I haven't gotten any robo calls on the (856) number yet, so I guess that number is clean as well.

Has anyone else had their area code change when porting a number?

Did you physically move during the porting? Geographic location can result in a changed area code.

When received the initial 609 number, were you physically in the 609 area at that time with the phone?

That's pretty messed up, but sounds like some glitch (or by design?). I suspect weirdness triggered due to intra-carrier port (both winning and losing carriers are Verizon MVNOs). Visible would likely have to escalate to Verizon to have original area code/number restored. What happens if you call old number (from a different phone)?


  • Adds a record in the NPAC; may also move a number from one switch to another within the same carrier's network.
  • Used when a carrier that holds the number puts it in the NPAC for reasons other than competitive porting. There is no change in carrier."
    How LNP Works

Hello, I didn't move in the last 18 months and I tried dialing the old number but got a busy signal after a long delay. Good ideas.
Oh well. As long as the number is clean, that's all I wanted to accomplish. I just thought it was kind of unusual. Thanks