Port to Unreal Mobile from TPO

I signed up for Unreal on the first day and, at that time, porting was not yet available. Once porting was enabled I decided to wait, a few weeks, before initiating mine.

TPO does not provide port-out information, online, so you would normally have to call them to get your port-out PIN.

The way around this, however, is to set a new PIN, from your account page. By doing that, no phone call is required because you'll already know the PIN. :slight_smile:

I logged into my account, on Unreal's website, clicked on "Device", and then "transfer phone number". I entered the requisite information, used my phone number for the account number, and provided the PIN that I had just created at TPO.

The port went through, without a hitch, in about 20 minutes.

When I signed up, for Unreal, I was only charged $10-- including tax-- and I wondered whether or not that would continue to be the case. I'm happy to say that, when my month rolled, I was charged a flat $10, again. That amount is also shown as my "recurring monthly charge".

So far, I can't believe that Unreal Mobile is even related to FreedomPop, because Unreal appears to be a smooth running, low stress company to do business with.

FreedomPop, on the other hand, constantly looks for ways to piss off their customers (throttled Sprint data, eliminating shared and friends data benefits, deactivating accounts-- every month-- "for my protection", backhanded efforts to charge top-up and overages, etc.).

If you're coming up on the end of your free Sprint year you should strongly consider moving your phone to Unreal. I have absolutely zero complaints, so far.

TPO was also a great company and I hate to see them go. I hope there's room at the bottom end of the market for Unreal, Tello and Twigby, because I think they're all excellent companies who provide rock-bottom prices.

Yes sounds good if you want sprint. Both tello and twigby offer something different so hopefully there is space for all three.

Just got a freedompop email for a free iphone or s5. Sounds good. Just pay activation it says. Okay not too bad still I'll consider that ..
Click through and activation $59.95?!!! Lol FP. I'm glad unreal are not adopting these tactics.

Very true. Twigby's roaming agreement, with Verizon, is a game changer, for many.

And Tello seems to have the best PayGo terms of anyone.

Would love to see a Verizon roaming add-on, at Unreal, that would allow 100 units of talk, text and megabytes, per month, for some modest cost.

I'm also looking forward to the GSM option we've been hearing about. While I've personally had good luck with the Sprint network, over the years, there are many who wouldn't be willing to sign up for that.

A GSM option would attract many of those people.

Definitely if it was priced similar. I would consider them if Tmobile but I imagine it will be ATT.

Chelle wrote: "So far, I can't believe that Unreal Mobile is even related to FreedomPop, because Unreal appears to be a smooth running, low stress company to do business with."

Because I have little experience with FP, I can't speak to the comparison, but, from what I've heard about FP, FP and "Unreal" is a Jekyll and Hyde sort of thing, given the hassle free nature of "Unreal".