Poor or Just Frugal?

I have wondered more than once, if the people who use CellNuvo (or FreedomPop for that matter) are actually folks with very modest means who otherwise wouldn't be able to have cell service......or, is it mainly people who can afford 'regular' service but choose to be frugal. Always wanting to pay less if possible, and like a good deal. In my case I can afford 'regular' service but I'm frugal and get actual joy from getting something at a really good deal. I do it with food (coupons, bogo) cable TV/Internet (call every six months and negotiate a better deal) Zero interest credit cards with sign up bonus, etc.

So put me down as frugal, choosing to live on the cheap where possible.
What about you??

P.S. I have 5 phones CellNuvo, TruPhone, FreedomPop, Red Pocket, and T-Mobile prepaid (and my wife has Tello)

To be frugal takes effort. I feel, for the poor people I know, it's just to 'complicated'. I can afford paid service, but choose not to - I'm frugal. Still, in this case, I see myself as a hobbyist - I have more phones than my needs justify :slight_smile:

I'm probably frugal-- a habit learned from years of being poor. I expect I will be poor again someday, so I try to keep the habit of being frugal.
Being frugal has allowed me to have larger plans, more options, and/or better phones, than I would have otherwise.

I assist some folks who would be without cell service if frugal choices weren't available.

KentE, That's the true spirit of Christmas, Helping those who need it. Good for you!

I'm fairly frugal. Not Mr Money Mustache extreme. Most of my extended family think I am rich but I am not. It is all about choices and what one chooses to spend on or not.

Cellphones are more of a hobby. I have far too many and ought to be more frugal there. There are five on my desk right now.

I'm frugal. I even picked my avatar, which I nicknamed Mr. Moneybags, back when I signed up on the RingPlus forum to show how much I was loving all the money I was saving. (Wish my moneybags were as full as that guy's in the photo, but I'm working on that. :slight_smile: ) Could I afford to pay more for many things I purchase? Yes. But why should I -- just to keep up with the Joneses? They're probably up to their eyeballs in debt trying to look successful anyway.

While we are on the topic of frugality, I would highly recommend the book "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas Stanley and William Danko. I read it soon after it was published in 1996, and it has had a profound and lasting effect on my attitude regarding saving versus spending.

P.S. My cell phone is with Twigby -- not as inexpensive as CellNUVO or Freedom Pop, but a good value for the money.

same frugal as you.
i have Cellnuvo (red pocket), truphone, Freedompop, xfinity mobile, knowroaming , and my wife has tello.

Replace extended family with friends and/or everybody else and I can pretty much say ditto for this statement. AKA It is mainly about investment choices and some can "pay out" really well, figuratively speaking of course.