Points not Crediting

Points have not credited since last night. Anyone else have this issue?

Yes. Force closing the app & restarting did not catch up. An attempt to refresh the app (in settings) times out (version 2.59). It seems to be a disconnect between CN and the local app, and I hope that points are being correctly tabulated in CN's system, and will show up once the app reconnects.

is it a sign that cn will be out of business soon?

If one chooses to interpret them that way, there have been many such signs, with many of the signs producing sighs.

Points not crediting would, however, be an exceedingly poor sign of anything other than points not crediting, since we've seen plenty of similar short-term crediting issues in the past.

Same Ole same ole

Have not had service for over 3 weeks now since my $10 500 Minutes, 500 Texts, 500 MB @ 4G LTE plan expired. Been trying to buy the Infinite plan by app store and by emails to no avail. Been getting the weekly "we are working on it" replies though. Wonder if Joe still works there?

We're seeing a strange mixture of helpful responses & new features, weighed against no-action requests.
I know everyone is excited about the possibility of switching carriers, for example-- I personally wish CN had chosen to delay this option until after they'd gotten basic service restored for everyone.

Swiping is crediting again this morning, including a 'catch up' for yesterdays non-credited silver. My app is also refreshing properly, and the 'Store' screen appears with the option to refill. (The catch-up credit didn't appear until after I swiped an ad.)

No catch up for me :frowning: but it is working for new ads.