Please recommend a room heater

Please recommend a room heater that doesn't have the California Prop 65 cancer warning. I am helping an elderly gentleman and his only requirement is that the heater comes without this warning.

I had thought only ceramic heaters have the cancer warning. And I thought the infrared heaters have the warning. But the simple electric heaters I saw also have the Prop 65 cancer warning on the box. So I am stumped. Please help! Thank you.

According to questions and answers this heater is clear of prop 65
Seems on the small side. I would call the lasko company and verify and see if they have bigger.

Q:"Does the heater have the California Proposition 65 warning label?" asked by Dorothea

A:"The heater does not have the California Proposition 65 warning label."Christina from Wayfair on Mar 18, 2019

Ps if there is one there has to be more. I would call the 3 major company's and ask

I believe Lasko is a prime "contract" manufacturer, and builds units for a number of other brands to re-badge and sell as their own.
They're also US-based manufacturing, mostly fans, electric heaters, and humidifiers.

I've been more than pleased with the products I've used, and it might be a good resource to ask.

Gah, Christina from Wayfair didn’t know what she was talking about. That heater does have the Prop 65 cancer warning as listed on Lowe’s website -, it’s tough to find a heater without the cancer warning. Thanks for any help you can provide.

That stinks.

Well I took that into account when I suggested you call the manufacturers tomorrow.

Maybe it doesn't exist?

Maybe all heaters have this potential?

Maybe there is a type of heater that has less cancer risk??

Suggestion:. I do not know if they even make these anymore but years ago my parents bought a electric heater that was a baseboard heater. It didn't have a fan and blow heat it just radiated heat.

I wonder if that would have the same prop 65?


​​​​​​Something like this. On my phone I don't see a prop 65 warning.

Costway 1500w oil filled radiators don't show the warning @ Walmart, HD etc. but once again checking w/manuf. probably the way to go.

I contacted the manufacturers.

Heard back from Lasko, whose rep wrote that the company is not required to participate in Prop 65. And that none of their products have any Prop 65 warnings.

Which contradicts what I found on Lowe's website.

I hate it when customer service employees respond with garbage info :frowning: And that too in writing.
Where is the accountability for providing such misinformation?

Check out Vornado: Whole Room – Vornado

Some products list a "WARNING: California’s Proposition 65" others do not.

Suggest to contact Vornado to confirm: Contact Us – Vornado

Did you ever find one?

No, I couldn’t find one. Looks like Prop 65 cancer warnings are very widespread, not only on heaters but on a lot of other products too.

The gentleman I was helping decided to use an old wood-burning stove he had in his attic. I don’t know if that has the Prop 65 warning too. I decided not to remind him of that.

Thanks for answer.

Seems like a lot of work