Please help me decipher this HelloMobile Chat transcript!

I was looking at HelloMobile's $25/mo unlimited plan. Their website didn't have all the details, so I got on Chat. I have copied the Chat transcript below. Please help decipher it for me!

hello is there a live person here?
You are being connected with an operator ...
You are now chatting with Jennifer
Thank you for contacting Hello Mobile Peter. My name is Jennifer
I have read your concern and need to verify your account to better assist you. Can you please provide me with your first and last name and address as it appears on your account?
hi jennifer i don't have an account. want to start service with hellomobile, have question about your $25 unlimited plan - how much high-speed data do i get?
Peter!, there's no cap to our data speeds. With our Unlimited plan your device will run on the fastest speed of which it's capable, depending on network availability in your area. You may experience reduced speeds after extremely high usage.
thanks. and how much of the data can i use for hot spot/tethering?
Hello Mobile offer 'Hotspot for devices' with our plans and use your own data
mobile data *
so the $25 plan has zero data for hotspot?
Hello Mobile offer 'Hotspot for devices' with our plans and use your plan data .
Peter, is there anything else I can help you with today?
ok i understand. i don't want to buy a hotspot device though. so i wanted to use my phone and get the $25 plan, and use the phone as a hotspot. can i do that, and if yes, how much data can i use for hotspot?
Hello Mobile offer 'Hotspot " with our plans and use your $25 plan data .
ok, how much of my unlimited plan data can i use for hotspot?
With our Unlimited plan your hotspot will run on the fastest speed with unlimited data
ok thanks. bye.

Is the Chat rep saying that data as well as hotspot are truly unlimited? I wish HelloMobile's website would specify what the real deal is. Alternatively, do you guys think the company will honor the Chat transcript if I signed up with them?

While I doubt that it's actually true in real life, I read that as saying that you get unlimited high speed on device data and hotspot data with their plan. And apparently there's deprioritization after some threshold.

So I read in the other thread that it's only 15GB of high-speed data.

In my opinion, 15GB is woefully different from the impression conveyed by the Chat representative.

No HelloMobile for me, that's for sure!

The big carriers throttle from 22GB. I guess 15GB is just a lower ceiling. Remember, years ago the Big Carriers say most of they users use less than 2 GB. Expect more than 2GB nowadays as our 3 lines were using up to 4GB.