Please help - FreeUP coupon printing

From what I read here in other threads, the coupons site should ask for my phone number only on the first go, right?

Well yesterday, I entered my FreeUP phone number and it sent me a text message (yesterday was my first day doing the coupon thing). Now today again, it's asking for my phone number to send a text verification code.

I didn't complete today's coupon printing, thought I'd ask here first. Didn't want the coupon site's text to eat into my 500 minute/text quota!

(I'm doing this on my computer, not on a phone.) Any help, suggestions much appreciated!

There are still a few glitches with the website. If you've used the same pc both times you shouldn't have problems. Did you give both your phone# and Pin# the first time you logged in to rewards, for when I log into rewards it shows both pin# and Phone # as login credentials. I would not be concerned if in a day or two you can see your credits for printed coupons on the rewards site. So I'd say keep printing for now.

Perhaps due to browser cookies/history cleared?

Thanks for the replies. I'm using the same computer, same browser. And yes, I entered my FreeUP number and PIN while logging in, both times.The problem must be the clearing of cookies/cache. What's the solution to it though? -- I clear Chrome's cache and cookies throughout the day. Will I have to resign myself to a verification text every day?

Maybe I should just download the app on to a wifi phone. Does that work better?

Also, just to double-check - should I enter my FreeUP phone number for the verification, or a TextNow number that I keep on hand for spam-like things?

Again, thank you!

@peterquinn Can you dedicate a browser (eg; IE/Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.) on PC to FreeUP Rewards and not clear cache/cookies?

I suppose I could have done that, but I just said what the heck and downloaded the app to a wifi phone. Entered my FreeUp number and PIN, then entered my FreeUp number for verification in the site. Got the "success" message, so hopefully things should work tomorrow and later.

BTW, the app stated that up to 24 cents could be earned by printing coupons. So I suppose I am not eligible for the print-2-coupons-get-48cents offer that others have gotten.

(peterquinn, the print-2-coupons statement came to me via a text from FreeUp. My app continues to say up to 24 cents. )

However.... I haven't been successful in actually crediting 2 coupons per day. I'd been assuming that I could select 2 coupons, and print them at the same time for this to credit. I'm only getting credited for 1.
Do I need to print twice, as separate steps? FWIW, I'm printing from the phone app, to pdf in Google Drive. What else might I be missing?
Do I need to sign in to separately if I print via the app or via the desktop/browser?

Figuring this out is a little confusing, since the credits show up in delay, I don't know whether the dates indicate the day the account was credited or the day the coupon was printed, & I know I missed a few days early on for various reasons.

My first reward posted, looks like only for 1 coupon despite me printing 2 coupons since day 1.

I also received the text saying one could print two coupons per day, and I have several days where I have received such credits. I have always printed each coupon separately. That said, as can be seen from the screen shot, there are 4 days=8 coupons, that I was not credited, which were days when the "successfully printed coupons" window failed to appear. Will have to email support about that.

I am pretty disappointed with the freeup rewards app. It is so buggy. If I switch to another app for a second freeup makes me log in again even though the phone I have it on has 6gb of ram. Videos never credit. Coupons credit on account 1 so that is good. Account 2 has $0 in rewards and seems totally dead for over a week now despite daily coupon printing and video watching. No credits for anything. I have not received the referral credits either between the two. Nor the referral credits from a friend who signed up. Game downloads only credit 2/3 of what they say they will. And no way to buy add ons with rewards is icing on the not so tasty cake.

Thankfully the cell plan side works great so can't complain about free service. I'm just not sure they know what they are doing with this rewards app. They have not replied to my emails for over a week.

You are probably getting the text verification again because you are clearing cookies. Download a second browser and use it just for coupons and don't clear anything out.

This is troubling because if you are printing 1 coupon a month and it does not credit, does your free plan turn into the $10/mo plan? Sounds like a gotcha. Is Freeup another spinoff of Freedompop?

I, too, have only been able to get credit for one coupon per day, regardless of if I print them together or separately.

On my phone it literally takes only seconds, so I'm satisfied with the reward compared to the effort.

My only complaint is having to log back into the app every single time.

The rewards app, as well as other behaviors on the FreeUp site, are buggy, indeed. I have never cleared cookies, so that is not the problem, and why the "successfully printed" window reappeared yesterday is a puzzle. I have always used the same pc and same protocol to print coupons, so I have emailed support for an answer. The current bugs make one think twice about upgrading to a paid plan, and add doubt as to how many credits one can be certain about earning for such a plan.

Another weird thing I noticed is that the rewards are reported differently in the app versus in a browser.

Thankfully, the balance is the same in both the app and in a browser. But in the app, the dates are bunched up, so for me it shows no credits for 3 days and then multiple credits for the next two days. In the browser, on the other hand, there is one credit per day, with no missing days.

I guess I'm perfectly fine with such quirks since the rewards keep accumulating. And the best part is that it's all free! The 24 cents for a coupon is a great rate since it takes almost no time at all (compared to how long it takes me to swipe up 240 CN points, for example!!)