Please don't shoot down this new balloon from China!

Please don't shoot down this new balloon from China!--which has just recently entered our airspace.

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I'm sure all these new revelations are making all those truth-denying liberals REALLY wish they'd believed Trump when he said all of this at the beginning of this whole mess! :slight_smile:

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"With a low degree of confidence" - the same as the original hypothesis. Give it a rest.

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My VCR blinks 12:00 but is right on time 0.139% of the time so it must be accurate and working just fine. If you give/take 5 min, then it is accurate 1.39% of the time and its working status and accuracy is undeniable. LOL


The orange insurrectionist actually said the opposite.

Trump then asked if China was cooperating with the US to combat the spread of the virus.

Azar said China was cooperating to some extent but added that it wasn't nearly enough. He said the US needed to put pressure on the Chinese government to force it to do more and allow officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to monitor the situation on the ground, according to the book.

At that point, "Trump thought out loud, 'I'm going to put out a tweet praising Xi,'"


Wowsers!--- TDS is lasting longer than Wuhan lab leak COVID....and someone is still watching Seth Meyers?


Meanwhile... Faux news viewers. LOL

Maybe Trump?

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The ironic thing about TDS is that it is an apt description for the orange insurrectionist and his devoted followers.

The orange coup plotter is running for President again so he remains relevant.

More importantly, he is also a serial lifetime criminal who has faced no consequence so far. The worst thing he has tried to do is destroy American democracy.

We (and he) are awaiting state and federal indictments. If his trials are televised, he will get the biggest ratings in the history of television and the internet, far eclipsing OJ, Amber and Murdaugh. People will be glued to the drama. If only it had happened during COVID, then the home lockdowns would have been voluntary!

Wowsers!----It's quite remarkable how Trump continues to live rent free in some people's minds.

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Yeah you should have seen what they were saying about him at CPAC!

Fox viewers aka snowflakes want to be lied to.


The party needs a divorce. LOL

They already put up fence around the White House, he can serve his prison term there. LOL