Pizza movie night coming soon

Can a call for pizza delivery be far behind when MIT has successfully developed a way for submarines to communicate without surfacing?

Until you shared the article, I had just assumed, what with modern technology and all, that submarines could already communicate with airplanes and just about any radio while submerged. This development will certainly enhance the submarine's forte, which is being submerged. I suspect others are looking for a way to jam the signal, or to find a way to locate and destroy a submarine from this new ability to communicate.

I hate to say it, but it sounds like you're getting a sinking feeling about this new technology even before it surfaces!

If memory serves, an ancient sage once said: "know thy enemy, for if you don't, you're sunk."

Indeed. And before our good friend @Chelle gets tired of my humor again, I'll stop with the puns even though I've got a hull lot more of them. :slight_smile:

Yes, to jam the signal, you just have to make the water gooey - effectively a jam. :stuck_out_tongue: