Pix Wireless, Anyone?

As one of many on this forum who are CellNUVOers, now that it looks like we will be able to get e-checks on a regular basis with our accrued points-turned-to-$, I was wondering if anyone has had any direct experience with Pix Wireless. For $15 a month which includes unlimited calling and texting and 500MB of high-speed data (unlimited but throttled after that) on Verizon, it seems like a heckuva deal.

I contacted their Customer Service once via chat to inquire about a few things, and the rep seemed very knowledgeable and helpful. CS is a big deal for folks like me who are not very tech savvy. Have any of you dealt with their phone reps to be able to evaluate how good that part of their CS is?

If any of you can share your impressions and/or experiences with Pix, especially first-hand, that would be terrific. Thanks in advance for any input you can share!

I've never used pix but I am not sure I would recommend them to someone not especially tech savvy. These smaller mvnos tend to struggle at times and can sometimes go through big changes to survive. I think their verizon offering is new and they used to offer att but that is gone now. Having said that pix may well be fine but considering you don't come.across many who use them I would doubt that is the kind of provider that would be a match.

Do you need unlimited calls?

Redpocket do 1000 mins/unlimited texts and 1gb data for $15. Or for $19 you get unlimited calls (fair use policy)

Redpocket are a good blend of cheap and reliable in my opinion. I have a verizon line with them for some time and have had no issues.

If you want something reasonable with better customer service try boom.us They are a little more expensive but chances are if you have questions they will answer the phones and be able to sort you out. There is a rep or two active on howardforums and a community of users there if you need extra support as well as live chat on their website. A plan meeting your needs should be $20-25. They are solid and should be around for long time.

I think that plan is relatively new-- it does look like a good deal.
als just signed up with Pix in this thread:
I think because of the 2G fallback. als had some issues getting the SIM working in his phone, and it seemed CS was responsive, although not providing a quick solution. We haven't seen an update in a few days, so I don't know how that turned out.

Hi KentE,

Please let us know if you have any questions on our services and we'd be happy to answer them. :slight_smile:

@Pix Wireless, Welcome to Nth Circle! Nice to have you here. Hope you will be dropping in regularly from now on!

I am pleased with the pix wireless service. Once I got it set up It simply works like it should. Voice mms sms and data work just fine
Fall back data is sufficient for reading email and limited web use.

Great to see a pix agent get verified on here and a happy user. Maybe worth trying out after all.

Do you have any promo codes you can share with us please? I know you offered one to bestmvno readers but that is probably expired now.

Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

We do not have any public promos, however I just created code 'CIRCLEFRIENDS' which will take 50% of our Pix silver sim at checkout. You can buy from this link directly: https://shop.pixwireless.com/products/pix-silver-cdma-lte-sim-card and apply the coupon code. I have set it to 30 uses.

If your looking for GSM, we will also be releasing our "Pix Emerald GSM" and "Pix Indigo GSM" services very shortly to the public operating on both nationwide GSM networks :wink: We will drop some promo codes for you guys on these products as well.

I don't know if it's the best way to do it, but I just used the "report this" function to ask @hungryghost to create a Pix Wireless section, now that we have a verified rep, here.

Pix website says "BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE (BYOD)
Bring Your Own Unlocked GSM Device, or any SprintĀ® Compatible device to Pix Wireless with $0 activation fees."

Can you BYOD a Non Sprint CDMA device for the Silver plan, for America's largest LTE network? If you can, are there activation fees?

If the device is unlocked, LTE, HD 'Volte" capable, and on the providers approval list (designated usually by IMEI) Yes usually.
You can test your device for compatability by visiting , BYOD Cell Phone Plans, BYOD Unlocked Cell Phone, BYOD mobile plans - Pix Virtual SIM
if you run into an issue our chat/phone agents are available 24/7 to help you :slight_smile:

I have no idea if my Moto G4 is HD "Volte" capable or not but the IMEI checker says "Well Done! Congratulations, your device qualifies for Pix service"

So it can be used, correct?

Our public BYOD tool is very accurate.

Moto G4 is generally on the whitelist and allowed. You can ask our live agents to run a manual scan to double check if you'd like (or DM me your IMEI) Under some unknown circumstances financial obligations tied to specific devices are not always reported on this public tool.

DM sent.

I can confirm my unlocked moto g4 gsm cdma works on Pix Wireless.

Great thank you!

Pix wireless now has Emerald GSM and coming soon Indigo GSM. I don't know if you get 2G fallback with the Emerald plan, but you do get 1GB and unlimited T/T for $15 on America's Largest GSM Network.

@112059, based on the info on the Pix FAQ Website Page (see second-to-bottom question) and a quick chat session with one of their reps, the answer is that the only Emerald plan that includes unlimited data is the aptly named Unlimited plan for $55 a month. But I agree that the $15 1 GB plan is a great option for light data users!

It will also be interesting to see Pix's Indigo (T-Mobile) plan offerings once they are released; maybe they will include 2G fallback like the Silver (Verizon) and Yellow (Sprint) plans do.