Pirana Mobile

Chelle wrote: I've got Piranha Mobile and gave up the U.S. number when they were no longer free.

I now have a U.K. number, instead.

I don't use it, much, but it's been trouble free so far.

Can we port in out Tello # to Pirana?

What's the minimum usage for Pirana?

Wow, so free incoming call and text in US and Canada?

Hm... this is coming from China? Do we get a free Huawei cell booster with our order?

  1. What is the startup cost for Piranha Mobile?

  2. What is the monthly cost (with little to no usage)?

  3. How does Piranha Mobile compare to TruPhone?

It's been a long time, but I think the SIM was free and I paid $2.99 shipping. I put $15 on my account. Shipping is now $3.50.

There's no monthly cost if you take a UK phone number.

A USA number is 70ยข per month.

Incoming calls are free in the US:

You have to make at least one call every 420 days.

In most countries they seem to be a little cheaper than Truphone.