Phone death right before your eyes

I'm sure many have had phones die due to them being dropped on concrete or water, but has anyone had a phone die on you while you're using it?

I just had this happen to me. It was one of my older phones that I only use for wifi in the house, an iPhone 5s 16gb Verizon unlocked. I used it mainly to play classical music on Spotify/Deezer overnight to help me sleep. Two nights ago, I was using it before bedtime to check NBA scores when the screen suddenly shut off and I heard/felt a slight crackle.

Yesterday, I opened up the phone to troubleshoot it. I was really hoping it was a battery or screen issue, but nope, the phone is dead. I'm pretty sure something shorted on the logic board. Oh well, another phone to throw into my stockpile phones for swapping with Visible.

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