Phone case

Typically the case costs me as much as the phone. Because my phones are cheap and the cases are military grade. So my typical phone will be a $100 phone that I bought for $30 and the case will also be costing about $30. The phones of course are valuable to me because of what I load on it, how much time I put into downloading apps, etc etc. But is it really worth spending so much on a case? What do you guys use for cases, what brands do you buy and how much do you spend on a case typically?

I rarely use cases. They make the phones too big to hold comfortably.

When I do buy a case it's a $7 wallet style from Amazon.

My two favourite ones are the ringke slim frost and the bear motion sandstone type ones. Not much drop protection but they prevent scratching.

I don't use cases on cheap phones or backup ones. Not much point.

I buy cases 3 or 4 dollars on ebay

The ones I get are usually $7-10. I don't like the feel of the cheap tpu cases you can get off ebay.

If you want something reliable and more substantial then spigen are decent and some people like otterboxes. I only like thin cases myself.

I always use a case because it helps to prevent the phone from sliding out of my pocket and my hand and offers some protection should I ever drop it. Like, Chelle, I prefer to get mine from Amazon (easy to return) or from China. I prefer one piece and rugged.

I hire a phone (body) guard
With a attache case. To carry my phone for me


I bought an OtterBox, which happened to be on sale at a good price, simply because it seemed likely that I would drop the phone at some point. It cost around $25.

It has proved its worth twice so far.

Apart from the cost, the real negative is that it is a nightmare to switch sims.

I thought we had that resolved?

"I thought we had that resolved?"

I have for the past year been systematically working my way through every adhesive on the market to identify the specific one you had in mind.

While each of them has successfully attached the sim to the outside of the case, in no instance has the phone recognized the sim.

My working theory is that the feature is only operational for Android devices.

We have extremely tight fitting Speck military grade cases on the iPhone 6S+.

I took a very sharp hobby knife and cut out a hole to allow access to the sim tray.

I also purchased clear credit card protectors from ebay and can hold multiple sims and an eject tool on a piece of card which then goes into my wallet. It came in handy for our recent trip to the UK, firstly swapping in the Global Sim while on the way there and then putting the LTE sim back in on the way back.

Ebay has pre made credit card sized sim holders as well as slim hard storage cases, similar to business card holders, for multiple sims.

Cutting a hole looks like a very good solution.

I just checked the case for my phone and it looks like there is a joint/raised knob right where the sim tray is located. So I would be a bit nervous about attempting to modify it as the whole side might just break.

Honestly it is hard to see why the tray is not accessible. Perhaps it was just a design oversight.

A tech at the Apple Store manged to take the case apart with his bare hands with some effort--very impressive dexterity.:slight_smile:

We have a 3 part case, maybe an Otterbox clone, which is very hard to get apart.

Unless you read the instructions at which point it becomes very simple.

It is a three piece assembly and the two that form the inner box are indeed hard to take apart.

You are right that the instructions do make the process seem simple and there a several You Tube videos for people like me who seem to still find it a challenge. Between these two resources, I have manged to get it done a few times.

Of course, the problem could be me rather than case itself.

A number of people have mentioned that I have Idiopathic Digital Intricate Operation Tactility syndrome, usually described as being an "IDIOT."


Our $3 Chinese case is different then. There is a method to remove the first piece and once that is off, the other two pieces drop off.

I suspect somebody at Otterbox over engineered your phone. As well as protection, the requirements included making the phone hard to steal.

Are the Otter type cares really more protective of a phone during a fall than the cheaper cases?

Who else besides Otter make similar such cases?

I do not know whether OtterBox outperforms other rugged cases. At the time I was looking for a case, its model was on sale and seemed like a "good deal" in relative terms.

Here are some options:

Normal mobile phone case is about 20 dollars, I can accept this.