Phone case colors preferred by women/girls?

Have any of you seen certain colors being preferred for phone cases - by girls/women? Or have you seen some colors NOT preferred by women/girls?

how do you know if they are women/girls?

I usually get pink or lime green.

Any reason you can't just inquire about favorite colors?

To cover all bases, you may need to get many colored cases, so that they can be changed and used as the occasion may dictate, a virtual wardrobe, if you will. Perhaps someone sells a Chameleon case that changes color depending on the light conditions.

Perhaps someone could invent a "mood case" like the rings, from way back when, that will let you know when you need to be extra sweet.

Which reminds me of the Larry the Cable Guy story about his wife's mood ring.

"When she was happy it turned the purdiest shade of blue. And when she was mad it left a big ol' red mark right here in the middle of my forehead."

:slight_smile: I think Chelle via Larry has come upon the perfect color---"Purdiest Blue", a color that I had not been privy to before now.