PEW poll on climate action


I will start believing polls when they start showing the exact questions asked and the political lean on those that answered them.

You sound like a simpleton, sorry. Cuz when you say "start believing" and "start showing" you behave as if you weren't already provided with what you're requesting.

The exact questions and the exact political lean is two- and/or one-clicks away from the OP's hyperlink. You were too lazy to care. That says way more about you than the researchers.

PDF here, kooky...

I was taught the only stupid question is the one not asked. If asking questions makes me a simpleton so be it, I like to ask questions.

I clicked on the hyperlink and read it and that is why this simpleton asked for the questions and political lean.

If I polled 1,000 right leaning people the same question as 1,000 left leaning people and then grouped the answers all together to come up with a percentage you might think that would be accurate, but If only 10 left leaning people answered the question even you could see how that would be skewed.

In this poll it is stated "Note: Respondents who gave other responses or did not give an answer are not shown." See how easy it is to skew a poll!

If one believes polls aren't skewed well P. T. Barnum had a quote for that. The 2016 election should have shown you polls are sometimes skewed.