Pesky hibernated Freedompop lines

I have several FreedomPop lines that I mostly use for emergencies. I try to remember to use each of them each month, to keep them from going inactive.
Went to use one tonight, and no data. I'd used data in each of the recent billing months.
Deactivation for non-use seems to be tripped by any 30 day period without use-- not just non-use within a billing period. In my case, it was no more than 34 days from my last data session to finding the SIM in hibernation......
I guess to count on them working when I need them, I'll have to try to use them twice each month. (I've had this happen twice now.)

Every one of my lines gets deactivated EVERY month due to "suspicious activity" and I have to log in to the website reactivate it.

I can't go anywhere with one FreedomPop phone because I need to have a second one on hand to reactivate the first one, if necessary.

Suspicious activity consists of things like updating the FreedomPop app from the Google Play Store or checking my Facebook page.

As little as 20MB of use can trip the suspicious activity flag.

I've been experimenting to see if there's any way to NOT trip the flag but every month I have to reset every line at least once if I use any data whatsoever.

I'm new to Freedompop, I bought two LTE SIM cards from Target after reading your thread posted here. So far they've worked great. I really use them for the data in an iPad. Once a month, I put them in a phone and make a few calls. If they go inactive, is there a charge to "reactivate" them?

No charge to reactivate-- you just log in to your account and click a button underneath a banner warning you it's been deactivated because you haven't been active in a while.
Of course, as Chelle points out, without a working phone you can't go click the darn button........
And about half the time, it goes back into hibernation 2 days later, and I have to do it again.

I haven't had the problem with "suspicious activity" that Chelle has, despite intentionally trying to trip it. I picked one of my SIMs that hadn't been used in about 3 weeks, and ran through 250mb in one session-- which is more than I typically use in a month.