People still waiting on Payment's

Since the last thread was hijacked. Although I asked kindly for it not to be. I'm going to attempt it again.

We have had other threads with the request of no chit chat that was respected. I ask for this thread to be shown the same respect

The reason for this. I think it is very important for cellnuvo to see all the people that are not being paid. This thread is to expose the extent of the serious issue.
For all to see.

Also I implore cellnuvo to make routine posts here or on their website.

Please only respond if you have put in for a payment. Amazon or Cheque. And have NOT received payment as of yet.

This is an effort to keep this thread on track, informational.
Chit chat can be done on other threads. Thanks in advance.

1). How long you waiting?

  1. Have you contacted support? What did they say?

3). Was any time frame given?

  1. Do you think payments will come back?

Tech- stitch. Hope you don't mind that I brought your post over to this thread. If you post it again I will delete this.

  1. 16th May
  2. "No update yet. I have you on my list to update as soon as I have been given the info"
  3. No
  4. I doubt it :frowning: