Payless No More

Well, many people walked many miles in shoes purchased at "Payless", and now that Payless will be shutting down all US stores, their few remaining customers will have to trek forward with other footwear.

In my younger, leaner (but happy) years, Payless was my go-to place for shoes.
Very sad to see them go.

Yep yep. It brings memories of my grandmother saying we were going to PayLess to buy some shoes. It's sad to see this many companies going under these days.

This will be an unpopular thought...but Kmart has (until recently) been a good source for footwear IMO.
Sadly, not only are they closing up all over - but their shoe selection has also gone sour of late at our single remaining store.

Kmart/Sears is also undergoing bankruptcy, currently. Though they will apparently remain open.

"The new Sears will have 223 Sears and 202 Kmart stores, nearly half of which are in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and Puerto Rico, according to court filings. That’s down from 687 when the retailer sought bankruptcy protection four months ago and 1,672 stores in January 2016." A leaner Sears emerges from bankruptcy, but can it survive?

Speaking of footwear:

For the last decade my family and I have bought all our shoes at Kohl's.
For us, they deliver the best overall value.

But we always wait for them to drop one of their 15% off coupons, which by the way, there's one out right now, good for today and tomorrow.

Oh, darn-- one of the 2 Kohl's near us in on that list.
I don't shop at Kohl's often. but I'll second unbeknownst-to-me's opinion that it's a good place to buy shoes. I wear an uncommon size, and Kohl's or JC Penney have been my fallback sources for years. Prices are good, sales are frequent, and inventory depth (range of sizes stocked) is good.