Pay as You Go Rollovers

The author did a Bang UP job of putting together a table of Pay As You Go Plans. Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans - BestMVNO

Rollovers? I've added the information about rollover I was able to find online.Can Y'all help fill in the blanks on which plans let the minutes rollover?. Is Tello the only one that does not require a refill as long as you have a balance?
I know that the Tello balance will continue without a refill as long as you maintain a paygo balance and place a call at last once every 90 days. No need to refill every 90 days as long as you place a call and have a paygo balance.

Airvoice. PAY AS YOU GO: You will need to add a refill to your account at least once every 90 days and/or anytime your account balance reaches $0.
On the Pay as You Go Plan, if you add your refill on or before your expiration date, any remaining balance on your account will rollover."

Black Wireless?

Easy Go?

Eco Mobile: "All Pay As You Go Refills expire in 30 days
Remaining balance will be recycled if account is refilled within 30 day expiration
Expiration is only extended from date of most recent refill
Get up to 4G LTE Data speeds."

Expo Mobile ?
Good2 go Mobile ?

H2o "Unused balance does not roll over"

Jolt. "Monthly Maintenance Fee: The fee is $1.50 per month, and is usually billed on the 8th of the month. If your account has less than $1.50, your remaining balance will be depleted."......" How long do I have to use my airtime?
Airtime is good for 90 to 150 days after the reload, based on the reload value. To extend your expiration simply reload airtime before current expiration period on your account. All your airtime will then carry over to the new expiration date. "

Page Plus ??? Can anyone clarify if the unused minutes roll over if refilled within time period?
"One way to use the $10 Standard PIN is for pay-as-you-go cell phone service on our Standard plan. Once the PIN has been applied to your account, your prepaid account balance can be used for talk, text and data at the per-usage rates listed in the table below. When your balance is used up, simply add another Standard PIN. That’s the beauty of prepaid – when you run out, just add more.
Standard PINs last for a period of 120 days*, so you can use it over time. This option is ideal for low-usage customers who only need to use their phone occasionally, like for emergencies.
Once activated, the 120-day duration takes effect immediately and is subject to the terms of service provided by Page Plus Cellular. Additional Standard PINs loaded to your account restart the 120-day rollover period. There is a $0.50 per month service fee on the Standard plan.
*The $10, $25, and $50 Standard PINs last 120 days. The $80 Standard PIN (available only through authorized Page Plus dealers) lasts 365 days."

Pix Wiireless? Rollover? "All Pix CDMA PayGO Plans last for 365 Days. Subscribers will receive a free introductory 150 Minutes Talk & 50 Texts for the first 30 days of the 365 day cycle."
"Pix GSM Service is undergoing upgrades and will be available soon"

Red Pocket??

T Mobile ??

Tello "Starting September 1, 2017, if you don’t use the service for 3 months, the credit will expire and the Tello service will be disconnected. Otherwise, the balance and your number have unlimited validity as long as you call, text or surf the web.

Tracfone." There are no limits! You get everything you’ve already paid for with our improved Carryover benefit. Only with TracFone, the minutes and service days you add to your TracFone will be added to the minutes and service days you already have."

Truphone and Toggle Mobile are Paygo. Not sure about Toggle, but Truphone requires a call be made every 90 days or so, even though some have said that this is not strictly enforced.Edit: just looked and Toggle must also be used within 90 days.

Truphone is 180 days. Even then that is not enforced. Only If your balance is $0 is it 90 days.

Toggle is 90 days like lycamobile. I believe toggle is owned by lyca.

Speedtalk has some paygo plans that rollover. Marvel and payasyougo. It is limited to 6 times I think so max 6 years.

redpocket plans do not rollover nor do black wireless nor do expo. Probably none of the other ? as well.

So Tello, Lycamobile,Truphone and Toggle will let you keep your balance without topping up again , as long as you use the phone at least once every 90 to 180 days depending on the company.
Simple, No surcharges or gottyas'
Any others in this category?

Lyca is an oddity as its paygo isn't published as a plan and is only there if you don't pick a plan. Personally I wouldn't count on it as they could remove it at any time and simply say "what plan" or raise rates and change terms however they like. Fortunately they have left it mostly alone for years but you never know.

Piranha mobile rolls over and usage is only needed once per year I think.