Paramount+, Meh

Anyone looked over the 'new' Paramount+? My free CBS All Access rolled over, I looked at it, and canceled my free month....

I'm hoping to find something new worth watchng during the remainder of our free month. (Thanks, redrotors!)

Too many other options to bother with them.

Is it anything other than a changed brand name of CBS All Access?

In theory. New access to Paramount Pictures back catalog of moviies. But it looks to me like they're plannng on dribbling this out over time, so that there is always content new to Paramount+. It's not that there isn't good content there, but (for me) that there isn't much content I'm inclined to pay for, since little is on my 'must see' list and not available through other sources. (I'm one of those people who usually watches a movie one time, and done, except for the rare movies that I'll watch anytime I come across it. My wife, on the other hand, is one of those people who will watch movies again and again....and again, even in a short period of time.)

I sspent some time dredging through pretty much the entire currently-available items, and most of what I added to our watchlist was documentaries from the Smithsonian channel. For me, definitely worth watching some while I have access, but not worth extending my (free) subscription for.

May be some nuggets of interest in a post or two here.

Nothing wrong with that!

I can watch Hallmark movies over and over again and they're just as good every time.

A lot of movies I only ever saw once. Some I used to rewatch if, say, they came on FX and I hadn't seen them in a while. Some I used to watch at least once a year (mostly Christmas movies).

National Treasure, I think, has the distinction of being the only movie I have seen in theaters more than twice (and every other one I've seen more than once was for the sake of going to the movies with two different social groups, not because I wanted to see the movie again). Granted, it was at a $1.50 second run theater across the road from my apartment, but I saw it four times in three days if I remember correctly.


Riley Poole is my spirit animal.

Just got another month for free offer. I am guessing this is not going well. Perhaps they should focus on getting more and better shows instead of being an archive for old classics.

OK, this is a little more interesting... Paramount+Showtime regular $120, discounted to $60. So, $5/mo for both. I think that's an ok deal if you get the offer when trying to cancel.

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