Page Plus

Anyone here using them?
A line I manage has received a text & email pushing the need for a new phone. I realize VZW EOL for CDMA/3g voice service is now Dec. 2020 after being pushed back a few times. Seems P+ thinks it might actually happen by this deadline.

Any CHEAP, good VZW MN compatible VoLTE flips out there that I should look for?
Only one I came up with a year ago was ZTE Cymbal, and the good part was a big ? to me.

For now the Gusto soldiers on.

Here's a not so cheap $55.00 Kyocera 4G LTE Flip-phone with HD voice(no VoLTE apparently). This is the cheapest 4G LTE "Good" VZ flip-phone I could find after a brief search.

$20 - Alcatel MYFLIP™

User Guide (ENGLISH):

Quick Start Guide (ENGLISH):

I would be interested in hearing feedback about Page Plus specially the quality of their LTE data