Overpayment/advance payment to RedPocket?

I tried asking this to RedPocket customer service multiple times but the agents don't seem to understand what I'm asking, so I thought I'd turn here in hopes that someone has tried to do this and can explain what happend.

I'm on the $10/month plan, but every month there's a service interruption even though I pay a week or so before the end date of my plan. I'm sick of it, so I want to pay a few months in advance. If I make an "overpayment" for say 60 gold ($60) through the CellNUVO app, how does this show up in my redpocket dashboard? Even though I've been using RP/CN since they started working together, I have no entries in my payment history (probably due to how CellNUVO handles payments). I don't want to invest a chunk of gold in hopes of multiple months of cell service just to have it disappear.

As a follow-up, what happens if I have an excess balance - say, $60 - then switch to another plan like $15/month? Does the excess balance keep the first plan rolling until the money runs out, or does the plan switch over at the end of 30 days and the new plan charge against the excess credit when it starts up?

NOTE: Yes, I understand that there are multi-month plans. I don't want to do that for various reasons so please don't suggest it. I'm curious about user experience with the idea(s) I've presented. Thank you.

Yes many of us have done what is called stacked payments. The issue is some are able to see it on dashboard and others like me do not. Which means I keep chatting with red pocket every month and depending on the support member. I get different end dates. Frustrating to say the least. I am not sure what happens if you switch from $10 plan to $15 plan. This is the reason that I want to get an annual plan.

There shouldn't be a service disruption as long as you have paid in advance, you should be able to pay 10 gold whenever you want and that will be held until your account needs a refill. I wouldn't pay more than 10 gold at a time because that would confuse them on what plan your on. Disruptions can happen even when on the annual plans, it happened to me once.

When you say stacked payments, do you mean multiple $10 payments in the course of a single month or a one-time payment more than what the plan costs?

You should be able to make multiple 10 gold payments per month, just can't go over 100 gold per acct.

I heard that people were getting no-no notices for making more than one purchase per month through the CN app.

I think that got changed when they went with the 100 gold max per acct per month.

Yes don't make a one off $60 gold payment as you'll just get a message from cellnuvo support asking you are trying to do. You'll have to do multiple $10 payments one at a time. Do the first and when that is paid start the second etc. Don't send through multiple requests all at once. If you want to switch to the $15 plan you should be able to just send $15 through the app to switch you over.

If you want to change plans and have say 6 x $10 in top ups already stacked then Redpocket say they can change that to say 4 x $15. You'll have to get in touch with RP support for that and they may require you to do it on the last day of your current plan month. At least that is what the rep told me.

As a side note: the problem with seeing advance payments on Red Pocket does not seem to be a CellNuvo payment artifact (or issue) at all. Some of us can see advance payments and an extended expiration date, and some of us can't see either.
Red Pocket CS has been queried about this, and they don't seem to know why, either-- and don't particularly seem inclined to fix it.
You can confirm the payments through Red Pocket customer service (including Chat), and they will give you a transaction # and date for each payment if you ask. If you're concerned about it (and I am), do this and keep a record of the transaction #'s.

I keep exact notes on my phone And some chat rp support agree and others say no. Depends who you get. They call your note wrong

Yup I'd like to be able to pay 60 gold for 6 months . I don't see why we can't do this. And have it show at redpocket.com in my account

I was told by RP chat the exp date wouldn't change until the top up was actually applied (on the Essential monthly plan). So for me, say my exp date is May 25th but I bought/paid for June payment Friday night the exp date won't change to June 25th until after after the top up is applied May 25th/26th.

I don't like that since it's hard to keep track of how many months I may have prepaid or when I need to pay again. For that reason I'm not going to stack several months in advance since I won't know & probably won't remember when I need to pay again. I just pay couple weeks early so I don't worry about it expiring like it did 2 months ago when I forgot to pay.

Mine shows the 'stacked' payments. I do 10 dollar payments one at a time and it bumps up the last date each time.

Yes this is a real bad issue with redpocket. Some accounts show the stacked payments and others like yours and mine do not.

On top of that some redpocket support know what they reading and others not so much.

Everytime. Get Kim she fights me and says I am expiring.

Other support staff see the months of credit s

I keep 100% notes on every gold I spend. Dates, ammounts ect.

Everyone should have a note app and use it.

Redpocket once told me they looking to fix the not seeing stacked issue

Well surprisingly I made another payment & now my RP account shows the correct stacked expiration date so it's "fixed" for me at least for that payment. That really helps a whole lot.

I'll probably make another 10 silver payment & see it that one extends the expiration date too.