Oven with a Camera App

Cooking is not my thing, but this toaster oven, which allows one to see what's cooking even when one is too far from the oven to smell or see what's cooking, might be the next big thing, or not.

"My father was aghast when my sister and I mentioned that we watch my food cook over an app. "And you're worried about privacy in the digital age?!" he asked me, incredulous."

Edit: Just saw that camera app cookers have been around a while, so I guess it's good news the prices are going down.
What I'm waiting for is an oven app that will allow you to smell what's cooking from 1,500 miles away.

Does it have USB ports?

Not that I can tell from the specs.

Have toilets with underwater cameras come out yet ?!?

Ha. Somewhere on the deep and dark internet one may find one.

well??? $10000

New Apple Butt Time chat?

The bidet has a camera ??
For a very high price it BETTER have its own water heater too !!

Face-time for butts...sure, why not.

How is a $600 oven better then my Costco Oster convention oven $40

No camera on this one butt, a great little gadget.

This has become a rather sinuous thread, progressing from watching food cook all the way to the colorful illumination of the posterior opening of the alimentary canal. The topic of food has always led to some interesting unknown places. Someone should start a thread on 20" cast iron skillets, perhaps ones with cameras.

Such a flowing thread you gave birth to Isamorph !!
(Very glad to see that it hasn't pooped out.)

BTW, since we seem to live in the era of the microwave, my favourite thing to see cast iron pans used for is when the (usually dimunitive) female star of a show uses one to coldcock the bad guy.

Cast iron...the great equalizer ?!?

No doubt that the cast iron pan was one of the greatest multi-purposes devices bestowed on us by the gods, for in the right hands, a memorable feast could be prepared from it, and in the strong arms of a warrior-cook, it became a formidable weapon that even Thor would envy. It had also been a stalwart in comedian's, such as the 3 Stooges and Beverly Hillbillies, toolbag for many a year. Underappreciated , indeed.

To clear things up, here's a very brief explainer of how microwave ovens and cameras work and how they cannot turn into each other,