Our old free plan with 100MB data is back?

Just logged in to my F-Up account to check renewal. Seems I was on the original free plan with 100mb data last month and will be on the original free plan with 100mb data this coming month.

Don't get too excited. Others have seen this, too-- and it appears to be just an old graphic that hasn't been updated. After renewal, look at the countdown balances showing: everyone else reporting has seen the 250/250/0 countdown balances.

Dang, you're right... so instead of the newer 1000 talk/text with no data, it is 250 talk/text with no data. That's F-Up.

At least it is 250 mins AND 250 texts. Previously they used to share out the allotment.

Well I know it sucks but they were good to keep us grandfathered into some kind of plan once the new owners took over.

The data add on could be cheaper though. 200mb for $5 is a bit steep. They could at least give us 500mb for that.

I guess in return they get to keep their subscriber numbers up. So far, I have used the service zero times. Just been clicking to renew with no plans to use it. Anyone actually using this service?

Sure-- I used FreeUP for my primary line for a number of months, paired with whatever best option I had for data (in a dual-SIM phone.)
Since I use Google Voice as my outward-facing number, and GV for texting, my original 500 talk OR text was effectively 500 talk/unlimited text through google voice, and whatever for data. (FreedomPop basic when I didn't have anything else, a Tracfone promo, Mint, etc.)

I still Use FreeUp as my main phone. I have the 15 bucks a month for Unlimited talk and text and 1 gig of data. I had saved up about 130 bucks of points (credits) so the 15 per month will last me a good while at no expense to me.