Other things to fix on Cellnuvo app

As long as the technical department is working on the Broken ads problem and the NON paying ads problem.

I think they should add the following:

  1. When you make a payment. They ask for account number or email ect. The issue is that after you put in this information. It does not show you on the confirmation page.

For example. You make a payment to Sprint. You put in your phone number ie: 8005551111, You put in the amount ie 10 gold. You click submit. You get to the next page asking you to confirm. NOWHERE does it show the account number (phone number) you just put in. They you click ok and get to the final page that gives you a confirmation number and shows the purchase. AGAIN NOWHERE is the account number or phone number you entered.

I wind up second guessing if I gave the correct information. or did I make a typo.

Having this information of the following two pages would cut down on mistakes and typos and give less work for support.

Anyone else have suggestions?

That's a good idea. I did make a typo once when submitting a request for paying my bill-- fortunately, Support was very good about quickly responding that there was an error, and suggesting I double-check the #. (I'm guessing it was not the first request they'd seen with a typo.....)

Well what if you don't know you did a typo and sent Fred Johnson $50. Then there is a pic of Fred Johnson on Facebook with a new set of head phones.

I check mine 20 times and ask family to check also.

I take a screen shot of every page in the process of making a payment. That way if the amount varies I have proof of what was paid. It would also show account number and code I used.

I take screenshots of last page only and wish the account being paid was on that page