Order a new number?

I have two FreedomPop numbers and both of their topup credits had expired so I reactivated the credits yesterday. You know what? Both numbers have become invalid after that. Now the app asks me to order a new number. How much are they going to charge me for this?

Free, I think.

it says $4.99

Look for fine print. Whenever that's happened to me (as with new signups, I think) I'm pretty sure I've had the option of two ways of getting a new number, one that cost and one that didn't. Maybe they've changed that, though...I know it appears that in an attempt to ensure that I don't ever plan to buy more top-up credit again they recently took away the ability to deactivate voicemail.

I really need to set a reminder to check my top-up for reactivation regularly, since I think what they do is expire it whenever you haven't used or added any for 30 days...I got thrown off at one point because I thought it was only if you added it, and the fact that I used some of it messed up my schedule.

Sorry, my bad. Whenever I've ported out, it has been free to request new number.

If you have the basic free plan, I wouldn't do anything to try to restore it today.....
I actually just popped in to share a report that many/most/all of these plans are not working at the moment. Trying to apply a fix while the line is messed up might just complicate matters.

(I'll post a new Freedompop thread about the outage-- look there for details.)

It's been a long time since I've had a new number assigned. What I seem to remember is that there was a charge if you request a new number to replace an existing working number , but that I did not get charged to replace a lost number.

Hungry_Hog, if your dashboard looks normal, and you can see your plan, usage, & account info online, I think you'll be fine to get a new number. If you can't see any of the usual stuff in you dashboard, this may not be the best time to try it.

I have 4 sins in the sane account 2 numbers still ok 2 numbers just disappear. The app first said numbers were not valid, then said I need to order new numbers. No account information can be seen via the app. I tried a few times to order a new number but it gave two pieces of contradictory information, in the pop up it said error in processing the order, but behind the pop-up it said congratulations this number has been assigned to your account, but it freezes there and the next button is not executable.

H_H, you're the only person I've seen commenting on this that mentions having more than one line in a single account. I'm not sure what you should be looking for to see if it's the problem that's affected many in the last couple of days, since the dashboard info might be commingled. If you can't see account information, I think you might be one of the affected accounts.

Do any/all of your SIMs work, at least for data? (I don't think you actually need to use data to check-- on my lines that are dead, their is no indication of LTE/HSPA/3G in the status bar.)

Yes the phone still picks up wireless signal but since the number is gone I can't access the account information via the app. I signed into FreedomPop website and saw two lines are still there, but the other two disappeared.

One of the two disappearing lines was charged $20 two months ago and I paid it. How ridiculous. The other line also has $15 of credit.

I have multiple lines per account, but I've always been able to access them all through the website (clunky as the interface for it is - it took me several tries to figure out where to look for that dropdown, especially since I'm pretty sure they moved it from the left sidebar to the top right at one point and I had to figure it out again) and the last time I tried it I didn't seem to have any more trouble with the app, so I'm afraid I couldn't offer any meaningful insight even if it did not appear that something unusual is going on.

We have one account with 2 lines, and you're correct-- selecting the individual SIMs is through a drop-down menu from your username in the upper right banner corner (via a browser).

That account has the 'failure' mode, and the drop-down menu isn't working to select the individual SIMs. FWIW, both SIMs in that account are lines that include VoIP calling capability that I don't use, no paid services, on Android devices.

If the drop-down menu is working for H_H, it would be interesting to know what the dashboard shows when selecting each SIM.

I have the drop down menu on 3 accounts.

One shows no devices.

Two others only show the 2nd device.