Oppo's Expanding Phone

From 6.7" to 7.4" with the swipe of a button, Oppo has created an alternative to the folding phone. Let's hope it's made so that one doesn't accidentally hit the expand button while the phone is in one's pocket.

Is that an Oppo expanding phone in your pocket or............?
Sry., couldn't resist

I was waiting for that one. Who knows, there might be some good marketing strategy along those lines.

Yeah, hadda know that bait wasn't going to go ignored too long.

When's the rollout? :slight_smile:

@redrotors and @Isamorph, your posts (above) remind me of Mae West, the sultry blonde bombshell who once famously asked her male co-star, "Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are ya just happy to see me?"

While we're at it & in the same vein, another one attributed to Mae -
A hard man is good to find

So far, they just have a working prototype. Given the attention its phone has attracted on this short thread, perhaps Oppo will sell many of these phones. I doubt Oppo will use the ghost of Mae West in their ads for the obvious reasons, not to mention only prospective buyers of a mature age, let's say, are old enough to remember her one would think.