Open discussion on electric cars

I can now say that range anxiety is a real thing and worse than I expected. If I were traveling alone it would not have been so bad (I can walk pretty far and feel safe most of the time) but I had family with me and elderly ones at that. If I were driving a pre 2019 Nissan leaf, I would not have made it to my destination, fortunately it was a Chevrolet Bolt that did not get anywhere near the EPA estimated miles, it was cold and rainy which really diminished the range by at least 25%. I am enjoying the intended purpose of this car as a daily commuter but like so many have said, it is not going to be on many long trips. My Prius (over 300,000 miles) got me anywhere I wanted to go without range anxiety but I wanted to get more miles per$ than it was giving. My MPGe once I got to daily commuting has been ~150 miles so I am pleased. While the cost of gas for driving the Prius was ~.06 per mile, I am getting ~.025 per mile cost of electricity with the Bolt. Overall it is doing what I bought it for. EV's are not in my opinion ready for vacations over 100 miles from home, at least not yet, especially when you factor in the cost of purchasing the electricity with rates of ~.50 per Kwh.

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I love the Bolt! Everytime I see one on the road, I have a grin. EVs are so much cheaper to operate, plus so much more comfortable to drive without the engine vibrations and exhaust fumes. Best part is taking off from a stop light. Zoom zoom! :slight_smile: