Older but Not necessarily digitally or cognitively Wiser

Study finds that older people share fake news while online more so than younger people do. Maybe the golden years have a duller hue than has been thought. I just hope the link shared below is not fake news.

"The study did not draw a conclusion about why older users are more likely to share hoaxes, though the researchers point to two possible theories. The first is that older people, who came to the internet later, lack the digital literacy skills of their younger counterparts. The second is that people experience cognitive decline as they age, making them likelier to fall for hoaxes."

Pardon my snidely reply - but I must ask:
What is truly 'fake' ??
(Asked in the recognition that perhaps 99% of all politician's statements are fake - yet they try to run the country...)

And I might add, what is truly true?

Which way is 'up' ?!?