Old grandfathered free plans to be changed to 250 min/texts plan

Got this email just now. I really liked my 100mb plan it was just enough for basic things. Is it too much to ask for 100mb lol.


Thank you for being part of the FreeUp Mobile family. Your assistance as we beta tested free plan offerings has been very helpful.

We are making some changes to our free plan effective April 1. When your plan renews during the April 2020 billing cycle, your line will be automatically migrated to the new free plan offering which provides 250 minutes of talk and 250 text messages per month. As normal, you will need to reconfirm your subscription each month to continue with the free service plan.

Should you need more talk and text or wish to add cell data to your plan, we invite you to choose one of our always low-cost plans with blazing fast 4GLTE starting as little $15/month. All paid FreeUp Plans include unlimited global talk and text and include features such as Caller ID, Call waiting, 3 way calling and voice mail.

Just got the same email myself and logged in to post but I was too slow.

I still have a bunch of rewards and a new unlocked phone if I ever get motivated to order a new sim for the 15 dollar plan.Might as well use the rewards before I lose them.

I have 2 free plans with FreeUp....one with the 500min/texts/100mb data and one with 1000 min/texts/ with no data.

I only got the email for the plan with data. I am wondering if anyone got an email for the 1000 minute plan with no data. I would love to keep the plan with the 1000 minutes if possible.

This is terrible news!
Message to FreeUp - you will get a lot of goodwill if you continue to grandfather the 100mb free plan. I use zero mb in any month, and I'm sure there are many like me who just like to have that backup data but never use it. FreeUp will be a hero in my eyes if they continue to grandfather us. C'mon FreeUp, stay true to your name, do the noble thing!

...early April Fools joke?

My plan was the 100 mb data, i never use any data on that line but it was good to have just in case.

I did receive an email on one of my free plans. The 1 with the 1000 min will be migrating to 250 Talk and 250 Text. I re read the email again it does say 250 talk and 250 text. I may just keep the plan on at least 2 of the 4 lines I have. 2 500 min or text. 100 mb. 2. 1000 min or text. No data

Wait, is it 250 talk AND 250 texts? I thought it was or, not "and".
Either way, not good :frowning:
Hopefully, an early April Fool's joke like PEW said!

it says AND

Interesting. I have not gotten anything for our 1000 plan. I never got dibs on the initial one with the 100mb, but I figured they would slash that one first and then move to the next generous one. Ultimately, I doubt they will remain offering a free plan being there is no gain or incentive except to show a larger customer base.

Good luck to all and may the free plan last as long as possible!

I have not received any email. I have a single account with 3 lines. 2 lines have 500 min or text/100mb data. The third has 1000 min or text no data.

3-2-20: nevermind. I got the notice this morning. I'm likely going to port out one of my 3 lines.