OK Subjects on this forum?

Hi, David;
I'm a passionate advocate for mvno's user rights.
I also have a lovely property for sale in Turrialba , Costa Rica.
Is there a place on this forum where I can post my offering?

Sorry, I forgot to reply to this...

There isn't a specific category for such posts. I think it'd probably be best to leave "for sale" type posts out of the forum for now. Unless I create a "marketplace" or some other dedicated section, it'd be difficult to draw a distinction between legit for-sale posts and spam. Thanks for asking though. I'll consider creating a dedicated category in the future if things pick up and more people ask.

If there's interest, we can create a marketplace category in this R+ Alumni forum. Let me know here, or at that forum.

@jamielih What's the benefit of having the R+ Alumni forum that cannot be achieved here without duplicating/doubling the effort?

Is that forum connected, in some way, to this forum?

@jamielih, sounds great! We are a really diverse bunch of folks, I can only imagine the interesting items other members don't need anymore, that I've gotta have . Your white elephant may be my treasure.
On my side I've got 2 extra telescopes, if somebody can talk us out of them for that one special book, or?......