Oh, the Heat

The climate marchers in DC today are not the only creatures there dealing with the sweltering heat.

The ability of eagles to cope with the swings in temperature in DC (which from winter overnight lows to summer highs can approach if not exceed triple digits) is impressive.

While I know nothing about olfactory sensibilities of the species, it can be hoped the birds are not affected seriously by unpleasant smells.

DC, figuratively in the minds of many, and literally in the noses of some really stinks right now.

The Arboretum is in Ward 5, I think.

***I believe I read somewhere on the DCEaglecam website that bald eagles do not have a highly developed sense of smell like some other birds of prey, which may partly explain why they have nested in the area for the past three years during ginkgo smell season. Perhaps their situation 80 feet up in the Arboretum is enough to keep the odors at bay. Concerning the figurative odors nearby, I imagine the Eagles are above the fray of politics and are probably fortunate to be unaware of certain ongoing decisions that may even cause them harm in the future. But it's good to know that I should never plant ginkgo trees nearby, for someone said they smell like vomit.

If you have ever had any disagreement with someone who lives a considerable distance away you might consider sending this species as a "goodwill" gesture. Should the person subsequently questions your motives you could certainly state, under the accepted theory of plausible deniability (if it is good enough for the President, it should be good enough for the average citizen) claim you never had a bad experience with the species yourself.

In the event, there might have been a disagreement of an especially serious nature, the Amorphophallus titanum might be a better choice.


The USBG is, perhaps by accident, situated very close to the Capitol.

What a devious and great idea. The ginkgo tree might be the better olive branch to extend in that it blooms every year, whereas the corpse plant may not bloom for a decade, and I or my disagreeable friend might be a corpse before my goodwill gesture can be fully appreciated.

Who needs Hallmark cards when one can send flowers instead?

And there are no accidents, as is said.