{Off topic} Desperately need a way to survive

Sorry for the off-topic post. But my funding was completely cut on Friday, so I have two choices now - either drop out of my PhD program or find some way to survive while I complete my PhD. The PhD takes 7 to 8 years in my department and I have about 4 more to go.

I have way too much student loans and way too many dependents. I was thinking of tutoring and although I have never tutored, I am good at teaching with perfect ratings when I taught undergraduate students.

But can someone feed their family off tutoring income and pay all bills for say 4 years? Does anyone on here know about tutoring?

You might consider driving for Uber.

Every Uber driver I've talked to loves their job. You can work whenever you want and not work whenever you want.

One guy told me he started doing it to make a few extra bucks on top of his regular job and he ended up quitting his regular job to do Uber full time.

Become part of the gig economy. Look for opportunities on Craigslist. A friend of mine picked up a four day gig for this weekend for $800. All she has to do is drive Microsoft people around in a van, in Florida, this weekend.

There are lots of ways to make money. You can do this.

As Chelle says there are options out there. Tutoring can also work if you get the students to come. There are online tutoring jobs as well. Your university might offering part time teaching positions for PhD students. Exam proctoring can bring in some extra money as well.

Also try obtaining additional funding. There are external organizations that fund pHds as well eg the hertz foundation.

Or simply an unrelated part time job.

Cut your expenses as well - get another roommate, move back in with your parents (!) forgo that new phone, cook more etc.

oh man! i feel for you.. as chelle said theres many "side" jobs you could take on. newspaper delivery, lawn mowing, oil changing, painting houses , sell excess stuff on ebay or one of those face book garage sale sites. many jobs are scheduled on weekends or week nights "after five" might not be ideal hours but if your willing to make the money its out there. if you havent already look into it, talk to your utility company's about budget plans or deferred payments, where you pay a set amount each month and the company agrees not to shut you off as long as you make the payment. some companies have them some dont. you can try consolidating things like cars, phones, extracurricular activities. sell a car or drop expensive phone plans for simplified use, that gym you pay dues to but never show up to. places like the ymca or boys and girls club are great places to start if you still want to join basketball, volleyball, golf, etc teams. sale shop, do your research on the grocery stores, find the cheapest one and use coupons, set a food/need budget per week or month and stick to it. make a list if its not on the list and on sale you dont get it. sometimes buying in bulk is better, ask your family or friends if you can tag along the next time they go to costco or sam's club, see if they have the same needs as you offer to split the packages. if food, clothing, or housing becomes an issue many churches, social organizations and sometimes your local govt have resources like food pantries, clothing donations and payment assistance.

Have you already talked with the head of your department or your PhD advisor about your situation. Sometimes they can pull some strings to help with a campus position, and even if all of the teaching assistant positions have been filled, they may be able to find a loophole and get you in. Some universities have paid tutoring jobs for students, as well as other campus jobs. Don't know if you're at a state or private university, but if the latter, it might be possible, depending on your situation, to transfer to a public university PhD program which could be much less expensive. It is certainly not easy having a family and working on a PhD. Good luck.

My sister in law has a PhD and quit her bricks and mortar job to teach at an online university.

She loves the flexible hours and makes close to a six figure income.

PhD is preferred but they'll take a masters degree, especially if the PhD is in progress.

There's a lot of money to be made tutoring.

I would take a year off and work full time to build a tutoring business. Depending on where you are, rates can be very high.

Once established and comfortable with your financial situation, you could dial down the hours you work and only tutor the richest students / raise your rates.

Even better, employ other students and enjoy the surplus value.

Chelle, Uber has been really close to my heart and I do wish I could be an Uber driver. Unfortubnately, in my rural area, people think Uber is a brand of gun or a brand of Swiss cow - it is unknown in these parts. I would be very interested in applying to that online university where your sister in law teaches. Please tell me the name of this university or send me a personal message. Thanks to the others too for their advice and suggestions! I am looking at creative ways whereby I can generate some income while focusing on my PhD. Because I am in a PhD program, the banks would be willing to loan me about $50,000. Any creative ways of generating a living income with a $50,000 loan? Day-trading sounds like a disaster waiting to happen but there must be other creative ways to pay for living expenses for me and my parents who are dependent on me with a $50,000 loan from the banks. Anyone has ideas?

Just don't. You can't. Not in your position anyway.

How about substitute teaching for the local school district(s) or getting a teaching credential and teaching full time and pursuing the PhD during summers, nights, or during whatever school breaks there are? What sort of field or discipline are you pursuing your PhD in? I was under the impression that many PhD fields required 3 or 4 years of class work and then one works on one's thesis at whatever pace it takes to finish. Are you close to writing your thesis, which, if so, may provide more time to acquire income.