Odds of winning the pot has decreased

Anyone else notice the numbers for the game only went to 15, now they go to at least 29. It takes so much longer for a winner. The pots may get larger but you have less winners now, I liked the original version.

I noticed the numbers got higher.

Things should be made better and not worse

We stuck with cellnuvo through some tough times

I suppose they're tinkering....... if enough people don't like the longer games, maybe they'll switch back.
Maybe they're thinking folks will swipe longer periods to complete a game. The alternative possibility is that folks will feel like they have less chance of being a winner.....
..... or maybe CN is reacting to the consternation the last couple of days about how fast some of the games have concluded.......

(Note: with increasing numbers of players, the average time to win a game should go down with a larger pool of bingo numbers, and the average pot size will go down again.)

Since I'm not that fond of the lottery approach anyway, I prefer shorter games because more folks are likely to be 'winners', nulling out at least part of the take-from-Sam-give-to-Nancy approach.

I think it exacerbates the problem we had before - that whoever is in an area with the fastest string of ads stands a much better chance of winning. If someone gets a lot of static ads they will win. It makes it even harder for those of us getting longer ads to win. Just now I managed to match 1 out of 6. I used to get a lot closer to winning a game even if I didn't win.

I think it would have been better to keep the game as it was before (lower numbers) but have less weight towards the static ads and qiips. Require more of them before the numbers change or ignore the static ads (and maybe even the qiips too) altogether.

This last game I matched 0 out of 4. Not even close.

Well, perhaps this: those in geographical areas that qualify for lots of high-point ads have an advantage in accumulating straight silver.
Those in geographical areas struggling through endless 1- and 2-silver ads have a better chance of winning a match game.
Maybe it evens out a little?

I won a pot tonight.. Unfortunately, I won too quick: 34 silver. (Where were you all when I needed you?) I didn't swipe too long, but did time one pot at slightly over 12 minutes-- that one made it into the 8xx range.)

I am getting tired of the higher numbers. Not fun anymore. The thrill is gone

I like the split the pot, even though I haven't won it.

And I like the higher numbers that make the match games last longer. Less chance of someone winning in 15 seconds-- which I've been pretty suspicious about.

I'm actually okay with things the way they are now. I think the split the pot is important, though. It's the only reason I make sure to swipe at least 20 times per day.

I've won twice with the numbers matching games. If you win, you'll see a brief message (for few seconds) on your phone screen that said something like, "Congrats, you've won..." The games make it fun. It's not really gambling as you don't lose anything....only gain! It makes receiving one or two silver for ads not so bad as you have more chances of winning the jackpot that way. Someone at CN who had thought up these games is brilliant.

They did it again. They raised it to at least 47. Si does that mean 50 or 60?

Stop it . Not fun anymore

Yeah, I noticed at least one game yesterday that seemed to go to at least 50 in the number pool. I haven't been able to confirm that it's all games, though-- it was only a brief period when I saw higher numbers either in the bingo sheet or the numbers I 'drew'.

Seem to me the games are being being funded by the low swipe payout. So, for example, instead of getting 25 pts on swipt, you get 5 pt and then 10 pt goes to the match all pot and 10 pt goes to the daily pot.

I disagree with the fastest ads winning more Number Match game more often, at least as far as my experience has been. I got nothing but those fast 1 silver ads the other night while others were apparently getting high silver ads since the pot went up so quickly. I didn't win plus all my swiping didn't give me a lot of points.

Tho I do find I have been able to get more silver quickly swiping those 1 silver ads in 30 seconds than a single 30 second ad so maybe I'm better off. But it requires paying more attention & focusing on app rather than swiping while multitasking.