Number Parking Services

Other than, who I feel bad using knowing that I will be moving my number out of them ASAP, what other cheap parking services are there? GV is not cheap. Numberbarn is cheap and can forward also for a little bit more.

On the chance that it gets later in the week, and, someone has not moved their phone service yet, or, like me, are awaiting for a SIM to be mailed to me, and, concerned it won't make it to me in time. In that case, I will park it later in the week.

So, if anyone knows of a better place other than numberbarn and other than google whici I certainly do not want to do, let us know here.

How does GV really work. I am planning to 'park' my number there for the time being and will then forward that number when i sign up with another carrier but does GV uses data for txt/calls or does it uses carriers mins/txt. I know Hangouts uses data for calls and such but not entirely sure when you use the GV app.