Nth Circle Member's Phone & Phone Line Inventory

Since we don't have the option to be geeks and list our phone and phone line details in a signature, I thought I'd start this thread, starting with mine.

2 x iPhone 6s Pluses on Virgin Inner Circle
1 x iPhone 6s on Verizon postpaid
1 x Nexus 6 on freedompop LTE
1 x LG X charge on Xfinity
2 x Blackberries on Lycamobile prepaid
1 x Moto E2 on freedompop LTE
1 x OBiHai on Google Voice

Freedompop SIMs: 5 x LTE, 6 x Global, 2 x UK

Inactive: Sprint Moto E2, Sprint LG Volt, Sprint Lumia 635, Sprint Moto G, Blackberry GSM, Nokia GSM flip phone, 2 x Nokia vintage GSM phones

1 x Nexus 6 on Tracfone Verizon
1 x Moto G 2nd Gen on Truphone
1 x Moto E 4th Gen. on Tello PayGo
1 x Xiaomi 4G 4A Redmi (dual sim) on Truphone and Speedtalk
1 x Kyocera DXT 4277 on Tello Paygo
1 x Kyocera Dura+ 4233 on TPO
1 x Kyocera Hydro on Cellnuvo(?????)
1 x Obihai 100 on GVGW Simonics

Inactive--Kyocera Hydro

Pixel Xl on TPO
LG G5 on twigby
Iphone 6s in limbo currently on tello but hopefully on virgin mobile
LG G2 on cellnuvo
Iphone 4s on cellnuvo
Lg tribute HD on tello
Htc 626 on tello
Htc 510 on tello
samsung tmobile hotspot with freedompop lte sim in it.

A uk truphone sim, us truphone sim, knowroaming sim, another freedompop lte sim, 2 x freedompop global sim, three uk paygo sim

Not used - nokia e63, nokia candy bar phone somewhere, lg flip phone hiding somewhere

Far too many.

Unlocked moto e4 added

The title of this thread should be, "This is why I need an intervention."

"My name is Chelle and I'm a phone-a-holic."

"Hi, Chelle!"

I'll post my list in a bit. It's almost embarrassing...!

1 home phone fixed cell@ $15/month (works great all over the country Roams effortlessly)
2 $20 800 minute one year tracfone lines( combined 1300 minutes left after 9 months of usage; also roams effortlessly)
1 tello $10 prepaid credit ($8.82 balance: not currently accessible as no sprint coverage in my area)
Legacy 2008 tmobile paygo $6.00 credit

Nothing embarrassing about a twelve step list.:slight_smile:

3 x Kyocera Hydro on FP (kids)
4 x iPhone 5c BYOD on FP CDMA (wife and family, w/ Premium Voice service, $3.99/each/month)
1 x iPhone 5c BYOD FP LTE SIM (my primary)
1 x Kyocera Hydro on CellNuvo (my test line as I was considering moving over)
3 x FP CDMA Hotspots
10 x FP Global SIMs (used in iPad and unlocked HotSpots)

This is my list (not including any of my family's).

I write a newspaper column about saving money and I can halfheartedly claim that many of these have been for research. That's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

Blu Life One X (T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited and FreedomPop Global Data Only SIM)
Verizon Prepaid Moto E4 (T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited)
LG G Stylo (TPO Benevolent)
Blu Life XL (FreedomPop Global 3-way SIM and Data SIM)
Blu Advance 5.0 (FreedomPop LTE SIM and Global Data SIM)
LG Phoenix 2 (FreedomPop LTE SIM) (x2)
Alcatel Pop 4 Plus (FreedomPop LTE SIM)
Verizon Prepaid Moto E4 (FreedomPop LTE SIM)
Moto E2 (Tello PAYG) (x2)
ZTE Speed (Tello PAYG)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon 3g Unlimited)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (Tracfone Verizon)
LG Tribute HD (CellNUVO)
Samsung Galaxy S (Piranha Mobile)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Truphone)

Franklin R850 (4gCommunity)
MiFi 2 (FreedomPop Global SIM) (x2)
MiFi 500 (FreedomPop Sprint)
Netgear Fuse (FreedomPop Sprint)
Novatel MiFi 4510L (Verizon 3g Unlimited)

Asus Memo Pad 7 LTE (FreedomPop LTE SIM)
Kindle Fire (WiFi Only)

Spare SIMs:
FreedomPop Global (x4)

Spare Devices:
AT&T Unite MiFi (x2)
ZTE Speed
LG Tribute HD (Boost, FED Locked)

Well, after seeing Chelle's post, I really think it is time for me to move back to living in a cave.:frowning:

  1. landline--primary choice for voice needs for talking with family/friends because of quality and reliability.

  2. OBI with Google Voice--used almost entirely for everything other than family/friends and backup

  3. iPhone 6s+ on Virgin Mobile--basically for voice when mobile and business data use when ethernet/wifi is not available.

  4. Moto E on FreedomPop--backup phone for sharing with family/friends as needed for urgent, primarily voice, use.

  5. Moto E on CellNUVO-same role as 4) but preferred because of cellular voice.

  6. ancient Samsung Omnia i910 that could be activated on PagePlus $10/120 days in an emergency for voice only.

  7. non-working ancient hotspot for used as placeholder on a Sprint MVNO as needed

I am considering a flock of carrier pigeons for additional redundancy.

Internet Protocol via your flock: RFC 1149 - Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian carriers

This provides a very thorough analysis of data transmission via this method. Unless I missed it, the author failed to mention that power lines and buckshot are possible ways the data could be irretrievably lost.

Okay, I've made fun of you guys (in another thread) for hoarding phones/plans. So it's only fair that I disclose my own inventory (including family devices that I "loosely" manage):

1 x Galaxy S8+ on [strike]MintSIM[/strike] Sprint (unlimited One-Year-Free promo)
1 x Nexus 5X on [strike]MintSIM[/strike] Sprint (unlimited One-Year-Free promo)
1 x Moto G5 on [strike]MintSIM[/strike] Sprint (unlimited One-Year-Free promo)
1 x LG Volt on CellNUVO (rarely used)
1 x LG tablet of some sort on FreedomPop (rarely used)
1 x Obihai on Google Voice
10+ random Android devices w/o service, for app development/testing purposes

[strike]Btw, I'm looking to switch our primary lines from MintSIM to another carrier in the next month or so. So I'll be shopping for plans soon..[/strike] I just ported my primary lines to Sprint.

A lot of people use multiple freedompop sims and devices here. Mine are usually gathering dust in a drawer.

Nexus 5X- CellNuvo, to be moved to the Sprint free year once Cellnuvo can release phones
Moto E2- CellNuvo
Galaxy S3- CellNuvo, to be moved to TPO Benevolent
Samsung M330- TPO Benevolent
LG X Power- Boost Mobile

Netgear Zing
Mifi 500
Franklin R850
Netgear 6100D
LG G Pad 7.0
Mifi 2- global sim
LTE sim- to be used for number to port to Sprint

Novatel Mifi 6620L- Verizon 3G unlimited

Sprint Phone Connect
5x Franklin U301- used to gift data to Freedompop accounts
2x Republic Moto G 1st gen
Republic Moto E 1st gen
Polaroid Link A400
Polaroid Link A2

Looks like only myself and als are not with CellNUVO.

Do not despair. There will be an opportunity to join soon. I even know of one case where a current user might be willing to do a trade right now for the right amount.

There is a relatively simple way to address concerns about threads going off topic even in the absence of active moderation.

OP can simply note in the heading something like : "ON TOPIC COMMENTS ONLY, PLEASE"

I suspect most members would respect such a request. Perhaps the next time someone wants that kind of focus, the approach should be tried.

As it now stands, virtually all threads are primarily never-ending conversations that include everything from actual information to wild speculation to humor etc.

That is the expected reality for a virtual coffee shop which is really what the forum is since we do not actually deal with the kind of hands on practical problem-solving issues relating to devices and accounts that was the very essence of Social.

I'm not actually upset about it and am fine with the coffee shop atmosphere, here.

Just making an idle observation...